Happy New Year!
I know, I am seriously so far behind… in the Christmas hooha, traveling, and now having the household of sick, I have lagged.

Therefore, I am playing catch-up. But the pictures are cute, so I know I will be forgiven.
When we got to the frozen tundra/the grandparent’s house, it was snowing, and it snowed off and on the whole time we were there. 
Apparently, this snow is different than our snow at home, because the first thing baby J did was run outside and throw an arm full of it into his own face…

He did some snow exploration…

And generally loved it.

Little M, true to her very dramatic word, decided that she would, in fact, build a snowman…

And that is what she did.

Little did we know, that little M chose to not wear any socks in her boots, so she did not last long before she came in, and proclaimed that she was “about to die! Seriously!” Then she said, “I am never going in the snow again, ever! Because that is how people die!” All of this was said seriously, with the drama that only little M can effect.

Baby J would have stayed out all day if we had let him… he had snowball fights with his uncle…

He built snow forts for snowball fights…

And he ran around like a tiny abominable snowman…
And he was happy in the snow!


  1. Paula on January 2, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Love those rosy cheeks!

  2. Debbie Sauer on January 3, 2014 at 2:03 am

    She cracks me up! Girls are so full of drama.

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