When given the choice, our little M will always choose a “science museum” over other fun.

Baby J and tiny P are just along for the ride…

But they enjoy themselves just as much as little M does.

These three had so much fun at the natural history museum…

You can always count on little M to find a book and curl up with it.

I love that my girl gets excited about learning new things.

And I love that my baby felt well enough to have a little fun.

Little M ran from exhibit to exhibit asking me to take her picture…

She informed us that Okapi is related to the giraffe and has a long purple tongue to eat leaves.

She dug for dinosaur bones…

And she educated the butterfly exhibit worker on all that she knows about butterflies.

She loves to read, and she loves to learn…

And I love to watch her absorb even more.

Fun day!

And since baby J never tires, he and the husband headed out to tour a battleship while tiny P took a nap, and little M decided to stay and rest.

I think this trip wore her out a little… she slept the whole ride home!

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