He wants to be pretty…and he was devastated when I wouldn’t buy this for him.

Sister love…

Mad face.

This is “the paper.” Little M wrote it herself. Unfortunately, before we realized what she was doing, she went and made fifty copies of it on the printer…because it is the paper, and the paper must have copies.

This is what he would look like with glasses. Too bad he has great eyesight, huh?

This is what happens when people think they don’t need to take a nap…

How they all watch a movie. Together. Under one blanket. I kind of love that they are all touching.

Baby J started tai kwon do a couple weeks ago. Clearly, little M is very excited for him.

When you meet your newly home from China friend at the hospital, and immediately become besties…

Baby J got a kiss, and fell in love with our friend A, and decided he was going to marry her.

The fish store. It’s magical. Except we accidentally went too many times, and now we have a fish of our very own.

Sunset art by baby J…

Salon day… even baby J gets in on the action.

Nail color for everyone!

Poor little M. She accidentally took a nap, and woke up not happy about it.

Park fun. So cool in her shades…

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