These little vignettes around the house crack me up… yoda with all the snow creatures. Ha.

Obligatory photo of the sleeping boy…

This face…
He has been making this face every time we look at him now. Kind of a cross between a grimace and a smirk. Cracks me up, though, and that’s probably why he keeps doing it.

So many things about this picture… It says “when I get bigger, I am going to be a grown up.”
It also has a picture of little M with what I can only assume is a donkey. In her belly.

I love it when the boy wears this little crown…

Icing in the mouth…Is this what contributing to the delinquency of a minor looks like?

You never know what you will see when the girl asks you to take a picture of her…

Reading together. Look closely…it’s a pioneer woman cookbook.

In the exam room at Children’s hospital for his orthopedist exam.

Giving her baby a bath in the sink.

Waiting in the car for the school doors to open… because we don’t want to freeze to death.

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