Friday, April 18, 2014


One of little M's favorite things we did while in Niagara Falls was visiting a butterfly conservatory... little M has been "in to" butterflies for a while...she went online and researched them a while back, and we find little written reports and pictures all over the house describing how butterflies get to be butterflies.

She was so cute... she walked around with a notebook and pen all through the conservatory, and took notes, and made pictures. She was so into this!

It really was very cool... the conservatory was huge, and beautiful.

While little M was beside herself with joy, baby J was not. Don't be fooled by his smile. He is terrified of bugs, and I think he was pretty sure the butterflies were going to carry him away. Being the awesome parents that we are, we took our bug phobic boy to a conservatory of giant flying bugs. Awesome.

Poor baby boy screamed in terror every time one flew toward him, unless the husband was carrying him.

But little M was in her element, and has added being a bug scientist to the list of scientific things she would like to be when she grows up.

Her giddy joy when a butterfly climbed onto her hand was so fun to watch. This girl also used to be terrified of bugs... she was terrified of everything, really. I was shocked to watch her try to get all kinds of pretty, and even huge butterflies to climb onto her hand. And then I teared up at how much she has changed, and how amazing she is.

I am often in awe of her, but when I see her do something like this, without fear, when she used to be so very fearful of so many things, my heart warms, and my eyes tear up.

I know it's a little thing, but even the little things are huge milestones for our girl.

And I love seeing her this happy, don't you?

I anticipate many more butterfly reports around our house in the near future...

Oh, Canada!

After we left Vermont, we headed up to Canada, and since neither the husband nor I had ever been (crazy, huh?!), we were excited.

For someone who isn't a road trip person, the husband sure is pretty great at planning them...

We have been in a fun hotel right on Niagara Falls. And even though it was seriously FREEZING when we first got here, it has warmed up a bit, and we have had a great time!

Do you see all that snow and ice?

The falls are beautiful, and despite the chill, we enjoyed walking along the overlook path, and waiting for the sun to come out...

As soon as little M saw the rainbow, her life was apparently complete, and she was done with this expedition.

We had mercy on her precious freezing self, and took her to the pool to swim, and she was happy again. The days have gotten progressively warmer, and we have enjoyed ourselves and our babies in Canada.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Road Trip...

I grew up out west...with the trees, and the mountains, and the nature. And even though I don't really like the nature touching me, I do lurve me some mountains, and small towns, and quiet. The quiet appeals to my introverted self, and my deep down desire to hermit.

You know what else I love? Quaint covered bridges, and red barns in fields with mountains behind them...

Before we left Vermont, the husband did some research, and found me some covered bridges.

Have I mentioned how wonderful that man is?

The babies thought these bridges were pretty cool... or maybe my excitement just wore off on them, ha!

They mostly liked that the bridges were over water, and my babies LOVE to throw rocks in water. Any water will do.

We saw the bridges, we took the pictures, and we threw the rocks in the water...

And I was happy.

Spring Break...

We knew we would be traveling during Spring break this year, and during the Summer, since we have a baby in school now...
And the husband loves me so much that he agreed to a road trip. The husband is a flyer, you guys, but he knows I love a good road trip, so he planned one for us.

So, when Spring break hit at the beginning of the week, we put our babies in the car, surrounded them with copious, various travel accoutrements, and hit the road.

Our first stop was a little mountain town in Vermont...

Surrounded by mountains, good shopping, and awesome food, we enjoyed the first couple days of Spring break.

We ate, explored, shopped, and enjoyed quality time with our little family...

Then we headed even farther north, and we are looking forward to the rest of the week with our cuties!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they'll be a little older than they were today. This day is a gift. Breath and notice. Smell and touch them; study their faces and their little feet, and pay attention. Relish the charms of the present. 
Enjoy today, mama. It will be over before you know it.
~ Jen Hatmaker

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Baby J's Little Feet...

Yesterday baby J had his nine month checkup, the second major checkup he has had since his surgery last July...

The orthopedist was thrilled with how his foot looks,

And was even more thrilled with how he was walking and moving.

The back of his ankle, while still not as elongated as the other foot, is better than they had hoped it would be, so we are happy with it, and the fact that his foot is flat.

You can see that his left foot is a bit smaller than his right, and is a little wider...
but it is flat, and it is functional!

And we don't have to go back for four months! How great is that!?