Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Making Room...

After we adopted baby J, we thought we were probably done having kids... HA. Now that we are bringing home Tiny P, some changes needed to be made...

So a while back we decided it was time to make some bedroom changes. Baby J no longer needed to be in a crib, but he was in the bigger bedroom with a bigger closet. I had decided that eventually little M would need the bigger room (with more clothes space), and since baby J was moving out of his crib, and tiny P is coming, it was a good time...

So the boy's room that looked like this...

Will now be the girl's room...

Little M chose green, purple, and blue for the colors, with emphasis on the purple.

For a while, tiny P will be in our room in a crib, but eventually she will share a room with her big sister.

Little M is beyond excited, and has had fun helping make all the art in her new room...

She can't wait to bring her sister home, and I love how proud she is of her new room.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Candle Jars For Summer...

We have been reading and crafting up a storm this Summer! It has been H-O-T, and the heat and humidity seems to be bothering little M's heart a bit, so when it gets very hot we have been staying inside.

In one of our storybooks, some kids decorate a candle jar, and little M asked what that was...I had no real idea, but this is what we came up with...

We used little tissue squares and mod podge to decorate some glass candle jars I had already...

Baby J loved this, and took it very seriously...

He also enjoyed making a mess. He enjoys that a lot.

We let them dry...

And the very minute they were dry, the kids were anxious to get candles in them...

I think they turned out pretty cute, and my kiddos are pretty proud that this is our table decoration.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it's not. ~ Dr. Seuss

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Precious Heart...

Little M's heart MRI was scheduled for this past Wednesday.

She rocks at doctor visits...this girl laid still in the MRI tube, without being sedated, for an hour and a half!

Hopefully we'll hear from her cardiologist soon, but this will give him a good idea about how and when to proceed with intervention, and how to help her in the meantime.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Phone Dump...

Sometimes when you need to read a book, and there's no where to sit... mommy's foot will do in a pinch.

At the nature center...you think she's happy to be a butterfly?

This is how our kids can always be found. Baby J exploring, and little M writing down her observations...

Precious girl on a fairy dance floor.

Our family... The boys on the right, little M and I on the left and tiny P in the middle...and a dog?! Uh oh.

Her lego creations are so cute...

You think my kids are OCD?

A coffee date with mommy...

After we got our nails done.

Legos bought with her allowance... cutie chose Spiderman.

"driving her airplane" at the airport.

"Fishing" with the cousins.

Worn out...

A cuddle with cousin K.

Scary monster face...

Grandma makes this girl happy...

Thursday, July 17, 2014


I think I see some mosquitos out there, can you put some bug juice on me? ~ little M, looking out the front door before going to the park.

It is so hot outside, it smells like the sun. ~ little M
What does the sun smell like? ~ me
Like it is burning things. ~ little M. Oh, right.

Ugh. it's so hot out. I changed my mind... Winter is my new favorite season. ~ little M

Oh my, I look fabulous with makeup on. ~ little M, after she pretended to apply makeup to herself.

I am queen Elsa, and I will freeze you! ~ baby J
You can't freeze me! ~ little M
I WILL! ~ baby J
You can't get me, I am protectified! ~ little M

Are you tired? ~ me, to baby J, after an emotional morning.
No. I just grumpy. ~ baby J. ok, then.

I know what would make you feel better! A song! What should we sing? ~ little M to baby J after a long day.
You sing. I go sleeping. ~ baby J

What's on your face? ~ me, wiping crumbs off my boy.
Just my lips. ~ baby J

Look at all my allowance! I have never seen so much money in my life! ~ little M, after saving her allowance for several weeks.

I'm stuck! ~ little M, standing on a rock in the middle of a creek.
What do you think you could do about that? ~ me, wanting her to use her words to ask for help.
I don't know...I guess I will be stuck here forever. ~ little M

Oh mommy, look at my darling bow bracelet! ~ little M, admiring her craft

What are you making there? ~ me, watching little M make a craft
Well, mommy, that's a great question! I'm not sure yet, but I will let you know in a little bit. ~ little M

Oh, that's a ant! Lemme grab it. ~ baby J

Are you happy, mommy? ~ baby J
Yes! I am! ~ me
Oh! Then I happy, too! ~ baby J. Presh.

I a good boy right now! I be trouble later. ~ baby J. Good to know...

Are you ready to move on? ~ me, at a museum with dinosaur bones.
Not quite, I just need to observate this a little longer, so I can draw it in my journal. ~ little M

I have a hypothesis... I think this dinosaur was a herbivore because it has flat teeth, and I think it got dead from a carnivore because of all the sharp teeth found around it. ~ little M

Oh my goodness! I can see the whole world from here, and it is huge!! ~ little M, in the airplane.

I am working on crafting my decorations for my big day! ~ little M

Let's talk about my special day a little bit. ~ little M
Your birthday? ~ me
No, mommy, my wedding! ~ little M

On my special day, I am going to have cardinals fly behind me holding up the back of my veil. ~ little M...good luck with that, baby girl.

I need to pick out my ring for my special day...I don't need to pick the boy yet, because I have plenty of time for that, right? ~ little M... right. But those decorations and that ring won't wait. Crazy girl...