Monday, August 3, 2015

Four Weeks...

Four weeks... thats's all we have left of Summer!
At the end of August my two big babies head back to school...

Baby J is going to be in pre-k. He will go half days all week. I think the routine of doing the same thing every day will be good for him, and I am excited to see how he grows this year.

Little M will be in second grade! Because we have moved, she will be starting second grade in a new school. She is a little nervous about it, but she and I are both sure that she will make new friends in no time. She is super excited to be back in school!

I will miss my babies, I always do, and I love that we have so much fun together. These Summers just fly by, and I know the Fall will, too. But I also love the routine of Fall, and watching how my little ones change and grow over the school year.
Bring it on, school year 2015! We are ready for you!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Orphan care is less about getting a child for our family, and more about giving our family for a child, and willingly embracing the implications that come on us as a result. ~ Arrow Foundation

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Is all this stuff for you? ~ cashier at Target
Yes! It's for second grade, we are back to school shopping! ~ little M
Wow, you guys are EARLY! ~ cashier
Yes, well, in my family, we just like to get things done. ~ little M. Yeah, we do.

This would be better if we were llamas! ~ little M, hiking down a hill

I feel like a dog because my bangs are so long. ~ little M
Well, should we get them trimmed? ~ me
No mommy, I am growing them out. I am just telling you how I feel. ~ little M

I am super fast! But P is a turtle. ~ baby J

I'm a little bit scared of the dark. ~ baby J
Oh. It make you cry? ~ tiny P
Yeah, a little because I am scared. I don't like the dark. ~ baby J
Oh. I like a snowman. ~ tiny P
Yeah. Me too. ~ baby J. Good talk.

But where are you going? ~ baby J
I'm just going out with a friend, and I will come back. I will be here when you wake up in the morning. ~ me
But why? Why are you doing this to us?! ~ baby J. Drama.

Mama! Beep, Beep, Beep! Help, Help Help, I'm stuck, I'm stuck! ~ tiny P, calling for help by quoting a line from her favorite book.

He's being mean! ~ tiny P
Who's being mean? ~ me
J being mean! To me!
He's in the other room, not even talking to you...~ me
Oh. Well. I not happy him! ~ tiny P. Ok, then.

AHHH! You SO naked! ~ tiny P, to a stranger running past us on a walking trail, in Perfectly. Understandable. English. And oh, so loud. Awesome.

Mommy, what do you think... AHH! This sun is so bright out here! I just got blinded, and I forgot what I was going to say. I just have no words left, they just won't even come out! The sun basically JUST BROKE MY BRAIN!! ~ little M walking out of the store. No words, huh?
Sounds like she has some words to me... ~ baby J, looking at me with raised eyebrows

What do you want, P? Just tell your jie jie, and I will get it for you. Do you want my teddy bear? ~ little M
I want the kitty! ~ tiny P
Babe, you don't have to give her everything she wants. ~ me
It will make her happy, mommy, it's ok. ~ little M

Daddy, I am good at yelling at you! See... AHHH! It's very good for when you are far away, so I can yell DADDY! I AM COMING! ~ baby J

My favorite show is Little Mermaid, but when I am sick I just like to watch airplanes. ~ baby J

There are a lot of different kinds of nuts, daddy. Like walnuts, and pine nuts... what else? ~ little M, looking at a cook book.
There are pecans, and peanuts... ~ the husband
And boys have peanuts, too! ~ baby J

Jiejie, you read pout pout fish to me? ~ tiny P
I already read it to you! ~ little M
You read it again! ~ tiny P
I just read it like, five times! I'm all done! ~ little M
Fine. I will read it one more time...mommy, we need to teach this baby how to read. ~ little M. She has WAY more patience than I do.

I want to watch! ~ tiny P, not getting to watch a show because she threw a giant tantrum.
I'm sorry, people who scream at mommy do not get to watch a show. ~ me
I not scream mommy. I scream daddy. ~ tiny P
Oh. Well, you can't do that, either. ~ me
Hmph. ~ tiny P

Are you the boss? ~ the husband
Nope! ~ tiny P
Is mommy the boss? ~ me
Nope! ~ tiny P
Is daddy the boss? ~ me
Nope! ~ tiny P
Who is the boss? ~ me
Umm. M is boss! ~ tiny P

I'm so excited to go to the lake! ~ little M
I'm more excited! ~ baby J
I'm the most excited! ~ little M
Yeah, me too! ~ baby J

You can stop reading to her, M, just tell her you're all done. ~ me
But she will cry! ~ little M
I know, but she will be ok. ~ me
She is just a little baby, mommy, and sometimes when you are a little baby, you just need your sister to read to you. Plus, I hate it when she cries. ~ little M. Best big sister ever...and that baby is a bit of a tyrant

Monday, July 27, 2015

Ten Months...

Today our tiny P has been with us for ten months...

Ten months...that's only two months short of a year!

A year ago, I was worried that our girl might not make it until we could get to her, and now she has been with us for ten months.

Ten months ago I was worried that she might never smile, and we have been enjoying her precious smile for all these months.

She brings all of us such joy. She is completely sweet and completely sassy, and we can't imagine our lives without this spicy little girl in them...

Happy ten months, little girl!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


They came to see that family need not be defined merely as those with whom they share blood, but those for whom they would give their blood.
~ Charles Dickens

Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Phone Dump...

This shirt feels tight around my neck, mommy! It's on backward, silly boy...

Look mommy, I'm a prince!

This girl... sometimes you just have to put on your sparkly dress and go for a bike ride.

First major bruise of the Summer...

The baby LOVES painting...

Crafting girl...

Butterfly boy...

And girl.

She looks pleased with herself, doesn't she.

Bright eyed first thing in the morning.

Tiny P thinks she's so funny wearing the husband's shirt...

Up on her stool. This is her favorite.

Picking blackberries...

"I picked these flowers because I am strong! I am a beautiful, strong, flower boy!"

Berry picking babies...

He's a beaver. Obviously.

Sometimes, when you have doctor appointments all day, you need to get a bowl of noodles as big as your head for lunch.