Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wordless Wednesday...Hay Is For Horses

Sunday, October 15, 2017


I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers! ~ L.M. Montgomery

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Phone Dump...

He loves puzzles...

The end of an era! Miss L and miss E have been therapists to all three of our kids...and tiny P just graduated from services at home! We already miss them so much!

He used to be so scared of the doctor...but little by little he is learning to trust.

This girl. She loves trains, cars, and especially construction vehicles.

Finding her zen, even in the middle of Target.

More doctor appointments...I need to work on spacing these a little better!

Tiny P has learned how to draw people. This is me. Obviously.

Her new go-to pose for pictures. It's a work in progress.

Because lion cartoons are scary, we hide behind pillows.

She entered a raffle...we didn't realize that she entered to win the bear as big as she is, haha.

Wyoming is cold...

First airplane ride since coming home from China.

Apparently restaurants at grandma's house are WAY better than ours.

She is the best little traveler, ever.

Oh grandma, she's so funny.

Rivers are for rock throwing.

Sometimes you just need a bowl of noodles bigger than your head.

And sometimes you just need to curl up in your momma's bed with your blanket.

Saturday, October 7, 2017


Why does our lawn have to be mowed? Why can't we let the grass grow? ~ tiny P
Because, P. The grass will grow as tall as the savannah! ~ little M

Oh no! There birds pooped on our car! ~ tiny P
Well, everything poops, and sometimes poop gets on your car. Sometimes there is poop everywhere, and life is hard. ~ little M

Daddy, here's a cute pencil case! ~ little M, trying to help the husband
Umm, that's not really my style. ~ the husband
What?? Cute isn't your style?! ~ little M

Where are your pants? ~ baby J
I hate pants. I don't think I'm going to wear them anymore. ~ tiny P
Everyone hates pants, P. We just have to wear them. It's good manners. ~ baby J

Happy birthday, mommy! You're the oldest person I know! ~ baby J

I love this house! ~ baby J, at a friend's house
You know why? They have a lot of weapons. ~ baby J.They had toy swords, haha.

When we go home, I think I will have some candy. ~ tiny P
Ok, I think that would be fine! ~ me
What?? You don't dissent? ~ tiny P

Ugh, my stripes keep falling off! ~ tiny P...she meant straps.

People! Why is everyone leaving me?? ~ tiny P, when we walked out of the office before her.

This is so heavy! ~ tiny P, trying to carry a toy upstairs.
Do you need help? ~ the husband
Yes...come on, daddy, we have got to work together! ~ tiny P

Friendly skies? What's friendly about the sky?? ~ tiny P, on the airplane

Come ON people!! Teamwork makes the dream work!! ~ tiny P, up on her knees, yelling at people to sit down so the plane can take off.


I need you to stop that loud are giving me a headache. ~ little M
M! I am sad! Do you think I LIKE crying? ~ tiny P
I don't know? You seem pretty dedicated to it. ~ little M

What are you smiling about? ~ little M
Because. I'm thinking happy, happy thoughts. ~ baby J

You need to go potty? ~ Little M
I tried! ~ tiny P
Are you sure? You weren't in there very long~ baby J
I did, I tried! I tried out of my bottom! ~ tiny P

What are you going to watch? Is it a grownup show? ~ little M, when she was heading to bed
Yes. ~ the husband
Does it have violence? ~ little M
Maybe? ~ the husband
Like, crocodile violence? ~ little M
Umm, no. ~ the husband
Well, crocodiles are pretty violent, you know. ~ little M

Did you have fun at school? ~ me, to little M
Umm, mommy. That's not why I go to school. ~ little M. Okay, then.

We need to clean up, so our house is tidy. ~ the husband
But, I thought messy was your style?! ~ little M

This chocolate is making my heart super happy! ~ Little M

P, why are you squeezing me so tight? ~ baby J
Because I love you! Really tight! ~ tiny P

Ugh, why are your ears so good??! ~ baby J, after I told him I could hear him making bad choices.

What's the smell, J? Is that you? It smells like a honey badger in here! ~ tiny P
That's my gas. Sorry. Just don't breath for a second. ~ baby J

You can't jump off the stairs. It's not safe. ~ baby J
I'll be ok. ~ tiny P could die. ~ baby J
No way! I will just use my powers. I'm magic. ~ tiny P

Wow, they sure do like pickles at this place...~ tiny P, eating out with the grandparents (they had pickles on the side of our meals).

There are uploaded letters and downloaded letters...wait, that's not right. Uppercase and downercase? ~tiny P. She is learning her letters.

What kind of tree does candy corn grow on? ~ tiny P

Ugh, you are one gross mother. ~ tiny P, when I accidentally spilled the trash

Phew! Did you hear my screaming? I was being so dramatic. ~ tiny P

P, you walk with mommy, and J will walk with me. ~ the husband. Sometimes our youngest two need to be separated, haha.
Huh? You can't separate us! We have fallen in love! ~ tiny P

M, do you want to play with us? ~ baby J, playing with tiny P
Maybe later, I'm going to do some writing... ~ little M
Ok, whatever you want to do is your choice! ~ baby J

I saw a mosquito, where is he? ~ tiny P
I see him! I think he is flying around trying to figure out who is best to suck! ~ baby J

Sunday, October 1, 2017


Write your own story
Be your own hero
Speak your own truth
Live your own dream. 
~ Raphaella Vaisseau