Sunday, March 26, 2017


We can't give out of what we don't have, and it is impossible to do hard things without rest. Sometimes the next right thing is service, and sometimes the next right thing is a nap. 
~ Lauren Casper

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday...Spring Flowers

Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Phone Dump...

She loves her shows...

Getting some perspective on things...

She's really not a big fan of being told no.

When you get your bead of the month from Beads of Courage, and find out that YOU are pictured on the insert? So much excitement! She loves her some Beads of Courage, and she is beyond thrilled.

When you're finally big enough to put your own Ensure in the fridge, mommy puts you to work. Ha!

Little cute face...

Those eyes, though...

Sleeping boy...

At the ophthalmologist.

He cracks me up... trying to open his eyes wide.

At the ENT. Super excited about her hearing test. Our kids have a strange love for doctor visits, ha!

Helping me cook... Those oven mitts. Bless it.

A little farm sensory bin.

When you get a special bear in the mail from another heart family...and it has your name on it!

Just some heroes...and their daddy.

She loves her some bunny ears.

That hat during lunch. You never know what he will decide looks good, haha.

Cutest boy...

With her "draw bot" she made with a little motor from school.

This day there was no hat. Because that would have covered up his beautiful gem on his forehead.

Little proud face. She made a little garland.

A little snow day sewing...

Thursday, March 16, 2017


She is wild and free...
She marches to the beat of her own drum,  and
She loves art and crafts.
She loves to read, and
She loves to write stories.
She loves superheroes, and history books.

She wants to be president, and a microbiologist, and an astronaut, and own a farm, write books, and be a spelunker when she grows up (yes, all of those things).
She is sassy, and
She is sweet.
She is funny. She makes us laugh everyday.
She loves purple and pink and sparkle.

She is her daddy's girl, but she loves her mommy, too.
She asks more questions than any nine year old I know.
She is not tidy, and she hates to clean.
She currently loves Frida Kahlo and Harriet Tubman. Next week she will be into other people!

She is creative, and her mind is constantly working.
She loves computers and she is learning to write code (her daddy's girl, I told you!)
She is the very best big sister, and she loves her family with all her heart.
She is sensitive and brutally honest at the same time.
She gives the best hugs.

She is amazing. And this amazing girl?
She is nine today.

Happy birthday, precious girl! I could not be more proud to be your mommy!

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Party For A Super Hero..

We have a little girl in this house on the verge of turning nine years old...

And on Saturday we celebrated her in all of her wonder woman glory.

Our little M requested a super hero theme, but she wanted "super heroes, with me conquering the world, and girl power." Sure... no problem.

Everyone got a bucket of super goodies...

We put some girl power signs up...

And some themed know I love me some party themed food!

We made some deserts...

And we ate them all.

Everyone decorated cookies in super hero colors...

And we crafted hero masks.

Tiny P's was my favorite. Haha!

We sang, and little M?

Our little M had this face the whole time. Love.

She told me it was the best party ever, and that she would let me know next week what theme she wants next year. Alrighty then.

This is she already going to be nine?