Tuesday, October 6, 2015


You really shouldn't kiss someone that you've just met, right? ~ little M
NO! You should know them a VERY long time! ~ the husband
Yes, you should get to know them, and maybe eat some soup with them before you kiss them. ~ little M. Seriously, because what if you don't like how they eat soup??
What kind of questions should you ask to get to know a boy? ~ little M. No...it's too soon.

May I read some books before I go to bed? ~ little M
Sure, you may read three. ~ me
Ok. Then I require the light to be on, and I will read zero to three books. ~ little M

My brain is just like a folder where I keep all of the things that I need to remember. ~ little M

Yook (look), mommy! What is it? ~ tiny P
It's a tower. It's very tall. ~ me
I don't yike (like) tall towers. ~ tiny P
Why? ~ me
Because. I am not a very good climber. ~ tiny P

My legs are hurting. I need a new battery. ~ tiny P

Guh-guh! Guh-guh!! ~ tiny P
Yes? What is it, sweetie? ~ baby J

I yike this song! ~ tiny P
Yike? What's a yike? ~ baby J

When I grow up, I am going to be Dr. Martin, and I will be at Children's hospital, and I will fix all the kid's hearts, just like my little baby P. ~ baby J

When I am a doctor, I will listen to your heart every day, mommy. And if something is wrong, you can call me, and I will jump on my motorcycle and go very fast and take care of you. ~ baby J

Mommy? My tongue is so wet. ~ baby J. ???

I am so excited, and I can't stop! I can't stop being excited!! ~ baby J

Do you want me to read you a book, P, while the sun is going down? ~ little M
Sure! ~tiny P
I just love reading in the sunset... ~ little M

I just want you to play with me. ~ baby J
I'm just not in the mood for crazy right now, J, maybe ask me again later. ~ little M

Mommy, where are you going?! ~ little M
Oh no! I was totally going to our old house. Ugh! ~ me
Oh mommy, what would they say if you went there? ~ baby J
I don't know what they would say, they would probably be surprised. ~ me
Yes! And mommy, if you went to a house that was not yours, you would probably be on the news! ~ little M

If you talk when it's not your turn at my school you could get in trouble. ~ little M
What would happen if you get in trouble? ~ baby J
If you keep getting in trouble, then your clip moves to red, and if it's red, you have to go see the principle. ~ little M
What happens at the principle? ~ baby J
I think she would judge you, and that would be embarrassing. ~ little M

Mommy! It is not acceptable to smack the princess! ~ little M, after I patted her on the bottom

Something not very good happened today. We had a fire drill. ~ little M
You don't like fire drills? ~ me
No, I do, but we had to stand in the grass, and I saw some brown things that looked like bodily waste from maybe a rabbit or a deer. ~ little M
What's bodily waste? ~ baby J
It's poop. ~ little M
Huh. Is that true, mommy? ~ baby J
Why are you asking mommy? You don't think I know about poop?! ~ little M. And there you go.

Mommy, you have so much humor, it just makes me laugh! I am going to have a hard time going to sleep tonight, because of all the humor in my head, and I will probably just lay awake and giggle. ~ little M

Is it time to eat? All of this happy talking has made me so hungry! ~ little M, at the hospital, after chatting with the nurses.

My belly is hurting...but not my tubie, just my belly. ~ tiny P. Bless.

I need to call my grandma. ~ tiny P, after the grandma left to go back home.

I need a hug! But only from mama! ~ tiny P, when baby J ran to hug her.

Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Hi mama! ~ tiny P
Hi, baby. ~ me
Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Hi. mama! ~ tiny P
Hi, baby. ~ me
Mama! Mama! ~ tiny P
Yes, P? ~ me
Come sit by me! I talk to you! ~ tiny P, all day long...

I am a ghost, oooh, ooooh! ~ baby J, playing in the basement with grandma
Oh J, you are making me giggle! ~ little M

Remember I was little, and I got a surgery, and my foot was fixed? ~ baby J
Yes, because your foot was bent a little, and it was hard to walk. ~ little M
Yes, but then it go fixed. ~ baby J
Are you glad you got your foot fixed? ~ little M
Yes! Now I can run. But when I was in China, my foot hurt, and I walked and fell down a lot. Then made me sad, and I got a lot of owies. ~ baby J

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...Sisters

Monday, September 28, 2015

Family Space...

I know you've probably already seen it in pictures, but I wanted to put it on the blog, so I can have it handy...

The before, obviously, is white.

The after is a taupey gray, called harvest wheat.
We love this room, and we are hanging out here most of the time.

And it's decorated for Fall!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


In the stressful times, seek God. 
In the painful times, praise God.
In the terrible times, trust God.
And at all times,
At ALL times, 
Thank God. 
~ Ann Voskamp

Friday, September 25, 2015

Hospital Week...

We checked back in to the hospital on Monday (hence the lack of blog posts), and tiny P's week has been full and busy!

I rather enjoy checking into the hospital the night before surgery... We brought dinner, ate, watched a movie, and got a not so good night's sleep. We got up in the morning and surgery came to escort us downstairs. After surgery we were able to come right back to our room.

Tiny P is not a big fan of her food and fluids being cut off before surgery. She was definitely not happy with losing food and fluids for a whole twenty four hours after surgery! That sure made for a long day! Morphine helped, but poor baby girl was miserable.

After twenty four hours she was able to get some water in her bottle, and she was much happier. And also much puffier. She was on constant IV fluids to keep her hydrated, and our girl always has this reaction to IV fluids...she balloons.

It takes days to get all the fluid off her...

And that is part of why we are still in the hospital. Tiny P has tolerated the feeds, though I am sure it is going to take her a bit to adjust to this formula in her belly. She has just now started to look more like her usual, not puffy self. Her Gtube site is healing well, and I am a little bit excited about how easy it is to give meds through the tube... especially that yucky potassium!

Tiny P is back to her sassy self, and has made it known that she is ready to go home. Her IV went bad last night when we were trying to give her a nighttime does of diuretics, and they decided to give the diuretics by mouth, and just leave the IV out for now...this has never happened before, usually they immediately replace it, and when she finally does get the IV out, it is because she is going home.
So tiny P has been asking every ten minutes when she is going home, because darn it, the IV is out, and that is our queue to hit the road!

We will see what happens during rounds tomorrow, but we are hopeful that tomorrow night we will all be sleeping in our own beds.

Friday Phone Dump...

Brave little guy waiting for his flu shot...

"but mommy, I can't be sick! Then I won't be able to be the star student this week!"

Sometimes, you just need to strip down, and put your hat on.

Weekends are perfect for staying in your pajamas, and playing your iPad in an indoor fort.

Duplo creations...

Tiny P gets scared at some point during every kid's show. Thankfully, she has a wonderful big sister to make her a pillow fortress to hide behind.

Fierce. And this may or may not be her Halloween costume.

You wish little M could come do your hair, right? Right??

Sleeping baby. That hair. Bless.

This baby loves her a play kitchen. Even the one at the hospital will do...

playing with some ice, while her last tube feed was running.

This girl is super happy about everything.

This is his "fireman face." Obviously.

Sunday, September 20, 2015


Be brave...do not pray for the hard thing to go away, but pray for a bravery to come that is bigger than the hard thing. ~Ann Voskamp