Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday...Superman Was Adopted

Sunday, September 25, 2016


We say yes. We say yes to adoption...not because we are ready, gutsy, extra loving, secure, or financially capable.
Rather, we say yes, because we are expectant. Though we tremble, we expect God to take our yeses, redeem the broken, and weave a great story.
~Rebecca Radicchi

Sunday, September 18, 2016


I am almost never fearless. What I am is full of hope, stubbornness, humor, anxiety, gratitude, and coffee. It may not sound like much, but it gets me through the day.  ~ Nanea Hoffman

Saturday, September 17, 2016

An Anniversary Of Hope...

One year ago today, we were sad to be back in the hospital with our tiny P, who needed to have surgery to place a G-tube so that she could begin to regain some of the weight she was losing...

Our tiny girl was down to eighteen pounds, and everyone was worried.

She ended up having so many complications following that surgery, and she was inpatient for quite a while.

But on this day, after signing so many papers, and working with her team for several months, and not being sure she would qualify... on this day, while we were in the hospital, we got a letter.
It was signed by the cardiologist who now follows her, the cardiologist we love, and it let us know that today, one year ago, our baby was listed for heart transplant.

Our transplant nurse delivered the letter to our room, and she went over all the paperwork, and then honestly shared with us that it could take up to a year for tiny P to get a new heart. We know how this story ends, but when we heard this, while we were hopeful, we were also worried...everyone knew our girl likely didn't have six months left with her tiny broken heart, much less a year.

But that letter, with those words, "listed for transplant"... we were filled with hope for our girl.

And so today we talk about how a year ago we were worried, how sick our tiny P was, how she was listed for heart transplant, and how she needed a new heart. We look at her beads, especially this striped one that shows she was listed...and we celebrate.
Because today, the day our girl was listed? Today is an anniversary of hope.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

TWO Years...

Two years ago today we walked out of a hot civil affairs office as a family of five, holding our new very sad, very angry, very sick new little girl. We were scared, and she was terrified. When she wasn't sleeping, she was screaming in terror, non-stop for days. Finally, just before it was time to fly home, we saw a sweet smile...

We got home, and we saw more and more sweet smiles, we were treated to some sass, and we saw many, many doctors. We knew our girl was so sick, and we knew that no matter what her future held, or how long that future might be, she needed a family...

We became pros at being admitted into the hospital at a moment's notice, and our baby spent over 200  days in the hospital her first year home.

We have learned so much from this tiny bundle of sass...she has taught us so much about hope, about being brave, about crazy love, and living life to the full. We have learned that loving, even when you are afraid, even when you might lose someone, big beautiful love is always, always worth the risk.
My baby taught me that. How lucky am I to be her mommy?

Happy family day, tiny P!