Thursday, September 3, 2015

Powder Room Room...

Do you know what the problem is with pedestal sinks? They're very nice, sure, but there is no room on them. None. You can maybe fit some soap on there, but nothing else...

Also, why does a powder room have a towel rod? I can't help you understand this.

Anyways, We painted it suede gray.

And, shocker, we took that towel rod down. We also took down the hand towel ring thingy. It was not offensive, but I NEED to have paper guest towels in addition to my regular towel. It's a germ thing...

The decor needs some help, because I have no idea what to do with the end of Summer. I just want it to be Fall.

But isn't it better with the towel rod down?
The burlap canvas I painted with white paint, then wrote on it with a sharpie.

This will probably not be it's final resting place, but it works for now.

Since we needed a space for my paper guest towels, and a pretty hand towel, and since these things will in no way fit on the pedestal sink, I needed a little shelf.
But I couldn't have some normal boring shelf, and everything I found was too small or too big.

So this is what I came up with. We had some leftover wood that I cut to the size I wanted...

Then I hit the plumbing section at Home Depot, and for eleven dollars, this is what I came away with.
I painted it all black, of course.

I beat up my wood, and stained it. It seemed weird to have smooth, sanded wood with plumbing parts. Rustic was better.

It is the perfect size for guest towels, and the perfect height for the kids to reach the towel. I kind of love it...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wordless Wednesday...Sassy Pants

Monday, August 31, 2015

The First Day...

Today, my oldest babies headed off to their first day of school!

If you can't tell, little M is beside herself with excitement. I'm not sure she slept last night, she was so excited.

Baby J doesn't understand why he doesn't have homework, and little M has already completed ALL of hers, even the project that is due on Friday. Bless it.

I just can't even deal with this cuteness...and also, I already miss them!

Sunday, August 30, 2015


One of the sanest, surest, and most generous joys of life comes from being happy over the good fortune of others. ~ Archibald Rutledge

Saturday, August 29, 2015


P, you are so funny! ~ baby J
Yes, she is quite amusing. ~ little M.

AHHH! It's a bug! A BUG! A BUGGGG!!! ~ baby J
J, it's ok, it's the tiniest bug ever. Don't freak out! ~ little M
Ummm, I'll just freak out a little bit. Ok? ~ baby J

Oooh, you look so pretty, P! Just like a princess...are you a little princess? ~ little M
No. I am a QUEEN! ~ tiny P. True dat.

If we have another kid, I think we should either have a boy named Quasi, or a girl named Ally or Leelee. ~ little M. WHAT?!

Mommy, what does "require" mean? ~ little M
It means you need something. ~ me
Oh. I require a pony! That means I have to have it. ~ little M. Good use of the word in a sentence, baby girl.

You are a remarkable brother, J. ~ little M
What does that mean? ~ baby J
It means you are so good that I notice! ~ little M

Mommy, they have a vacuum here for you!  ~baby J, at the lakehouse we rented. A vacuum... yay, because I was already missing mine. Weirdo...

Mommy? ~ baby J
Yes? ~ me
I'll be sad when you die. ~ baby J. Okay then.

We have a lot to do today? ~ baby J
Yes, but first we have to go to the pharmacy. ~ me
Alright, let's do this, baby! ~ baby J

Whew! I am a tired little baby! ~ tiny P

I sit with you! We watching JieJie. ~ tiny P, sitting with the husband to watch little M in the lake.
She swimming...she's a good swimmer! ~ the husband
Yeah. Like a mermaid. ~ tiny P

Yay, mommy! Good job feeding yourself! ~ tiny P. Guess what she hears a lot?

I miss J when he's swimming. ~ little M
I'm right here, jiejie! ~ baby J
I know, but I was telling mommy something. ~ little M. ???

What are you doing? That is irritating! ~ little M
I'm just giving you a little tickle! ~ baby J
Umm, you need to stop. ~ little M
You don't like a little tickle? ~ baby J
It's just that it's not the proper way to treat a princess, J. ~ little M

I will tell you a joke. There was a bug on the ground, and I walked on him and stomped him. And he died. Hahahaha! ~ baby J
Uhhhh. Good joke? ~ the husband
It's funny because the bug dies. ~ baby J. Someone doesn't like bugs...

Oh, she's naked. Someone needs to give her a warm hug. ~ baby J, while I was dressing tiny P

I'm just pretending. ~ baby J
What are you pretending? ~ me
I'm pretending you are a grownup. ~ baby J. Ha!!

Do you want me to do your makeup, P? ~ little M
YES! Yes please! ~ tiny P
Ok, I can't do your lipstick, because we can't share lipstick. ~ little M
Why no lipstick? ~ tiny P
Because of germs... you know. So you won't be super beautiful, but you will still look good. ~ little M
Ok! ~ tiny P 

Hi, little friend...don't be sad! ~ random phlebotomist we don't know at the hospital
You NOT my friend! ~ tiny P. She was right.

Oh, you have gold shoes on, P! You are like a princess! ~ little M
NO! ~ tiny P
You don't want to be a princess? ~ little M
No. I like to be queen. ~ tiny P

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eleven Months...

Eleven? Eleven! That is just one month less than a year!

That means that in just four short weeks this girl will have had a family for a whole year!

My sweet, sassy baby has settled right in to her role as the baby of our family...


She loves to play with her brother and sister, and she LOVES to tease her daddy.

She is funny, and loud. And this girl knows how to LIVE.

Eve after all that she has been through, our sweet girl embraces life, and lives it to the fullest...

She inspires me, and challenges me, and makes me smile. I sure do love this baby of mine!