Sunday, October 14, 2018


Don't ask me what I did, ask me what I did not do.
I did not clip her wings, and that's all. 
~Ziauddin Yousafzi

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday...Daddy Love


Monday, October 8, 2018

Crafting Monday...

Gluing and stickers and random pumpkin shapes were on the menu this paining, but I think they still liked it! And now we have cute pumpkin ornaments!

Sunday, October 7, 2018


And one day she discovered that she was strong.
She was full of fire.
And that not even she could hold herself back
Because her passion burned
Brighter than her fears. 
~Mark Anthony

Saturday, October 6, 2018


I'm practically a grown up. ~ M
I know, pretty soon you'll want your own car. ~ me
Umm, no. I don't need a car yet. I'm not of age. ~ M

It's hard to be a fifth grader. Maybe I should walk home. Everything is so embarrassing. ~ M
She means me...everything I do is embarrassing, haha.

You better be careful on those stairs, or you could fall and break your neck. ~ M
How do you break your neck? ~ J
There's a lot of ways, but most of them involve having your plans go terribly wrong while you are playing. ~ M

Look outside. See that man mowing our yard? He is very handsome. ~P
Oh, yes he is pretty handsome.  It's his hair, and his shirt, and his face. ~ J
Yes. And his pants. ~ P
And his glasses. ~ J. Two weirdos...

Did you have a bad dream? What woke you up? ~ me, moving P to our room in the middle of the night.
I heard some nocturnal creatures! ~ P

Uh oh! I think I'm starving! ~ P, on the way to dinner

Ugh, you're annoying. I'm about to use my magic wand on you! ~P, to a fly outside.

Help!! Help! My tent is falling over diagonally! ~ P, building a fort

Why are you stomping? ~ J
Those ants were fighting. So I killed them. ~ P
You killed them? ~ J
Yep. If you can't get along, everyone dies. ~ P. Well, then...

Maybe I can help. Talk to me and pretend I'm Alexa. ~ P, after I couldn't get Alexa to play a song.
Ok...Alexa! ~ me
Oh, I'm sorry. I can't seem to find what you're looking for. Try asking for something else ~ P, in a robot voice.

Do you guys want me to tell you some things? ~P
No, that's ok. ~M 
You will learn a lot...~ P
No thanks. ~ M
Well. I have a smart brain. A very smart brain, and you would be lucky to hear the things in my brain! ~P

Why are you eating so healthy? ~ M
I'm trying to be healthy, and maybe lose a little weight. ~me
Oh. Well, look at the bright side. If you weigh more, you'll be harder to kidnap! ~ M. What??

When I'm a grownup, I'm going to eat noodles everyday. They spark me some joy. ~ P
Oh. I'm going to have lots of babies. From China. Babies spark me joy. ~ J

If you do what I want, I'll give you hugs and kisses...~ P
I don't want that, though. ~ J
Oh, come on. You know you want some if this! ~ P, sitting on him, and hugging him.

You sound flusterated. Are you flusterated? ~ P to J
I think so...I don't know what that is. ~J

It's the middle of the night. Close your eyes, and go to sleep. ~ me, after P was awake for a while.
Can I tell you something? I'm not a big fan of closing my eyes. ~ P

I learned about thick and thin at school today. ~ P
J is thin. ~ P
What is M? ~ me
Thick, I think. ~ P
What are you? ~ me
Umm. I'm poofy! ~ P

There's a football player here today! We have to get a picture, mommy! ~ P. at the hospital.
Do you like the redskins? ~ Santana Moss, taking a picture with P
Sometimes...when they win! ~ P
Daddy likes the redskins. ~ P
But. Mommy likes the Cowboys. ~ P
Ohh! Well, we really try to love everyone. Even if they're wrong. ~ SM.

But I want to stay up late...~ P
But you are going to bed. ~ me
But I'm not tired! ~ P
It's not about how tired you are, it's about how tired you are making me. ~ me. Truth.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Crafting Monday...

All the Fall things... I especially love a craft that makes a cute decoration!

Fall wreaths...these were not a favorite, since they had no paint of glue, but they still turned out super cute!