Sunday, August 19, 2018


 But you were made to be this brave little human who does not back down to the things in life that try to tidal wave you over and force you to be small. ~ Anonymous

Friday, August 17, 2018

Friday Phone Dump...

Her smile. She is so sweet...

Morning hair...

The husband and I went away. We rode the horses and did the spa, and it was fab!

We signed up for a monthly box from Little Justice Leaders...we love it!

Why is my five year old crying? Someone finished her sentence.

Somehow "go get ready for bed" was heard as "go get your super suit on."
Good thing she's cute, haha.

Summer school presentation...She designed a livable habitat on Mars complete with greenhouses. I may be biased, but she was amazing.

Little friends with their Mars habitat.

I turned 41, and I went skydiving. In a tube, anyways...

We visited Hobby Lobby...the Christmas things made her SO happy.

My Mackenzie decorated my birthday cake. You know you have heart kiddos when your cake has a heart...and anatomically correct heart, on it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Family Day

Eight she has been our's and we have been her's for eight years.

She is amazing, and smart, and she takes my breath away.

I am so lucky to be this girl's mommy. What an incredible gift she is to our family!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Summer Girl...

I am pretty sure she is the most fun little five year old in the world. She is funny, wise, silly, and smart...and she has more sass than anyone I know.

In three weeks, she starts Kindergarten. I have so many feelings about this.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Mommy! Look! WHEELPINS!!! ~ P
Umm, I think you mean pinwheels? ~ M
I mean what I say! STOP RUINING ALL THE THINGS I LOVE! ~  P. She means what she says.

How do leaves grow? How many steps are in the life cycle of a leaf? ~ P

But mommy, you have to give it to me! ~ P, wanting candy.
Why do I have to? ~ me, laughing.
Because! I am your sweet baby, and you should always want to give your sweet baby anything she wants! ~  P

Being sick is hard. I just want to take off my underwear, wear some cozy clothes, and watch tv. ~ P. ok, then...

J, what would you do if you had a pet fly? ~ P
Umm, feed it poop? ~ J

I am telling you things. ~ P
Yes but... ~ J
No, it's my time to talk. ~ P
But I have something important to say! ~ J
Stop saying words until I talk all of my words out!!! ~ P

I want you to stop bossing me! ~  J
But if I don't boss you, you won't know what to do! ~  P

We are working on astrology. We have to choose a planet and design a way or a station to make it habitable. ~  M
That's a cool project! ~ me
Umm, yeah. But I chose Neptune, and now I'm worried I'm going to regret it. I just didn't want to choose Mars like everyone else!  ~ M

Mommy, how was your eye doctor appointment? Were your eyes better, or worse? ~ M
They were only a little worse. ~ me
Hmmm. Well, yeah, that happens when you get old. Your senses don't work as well. Maybe that's what you're experiencing? ~ M. Thanks...

I'm so hungry! I want something big and appetizing. But not too big. But super appetizing... ~ M.

What would you do if you had thirty dollars? ~  M
I know! I would adopt a baby! And buy a toy! ~  J

You sound like a pig. ~ M
No! That is my elephant seal noise! ~ P
Oh...yeah, I can tell the difference now... ~ M, very seriously.

I wonder how long it takes a mako shark to swim the whole ocean... ~ J
Well, the ocean is very big, it's many miles. ~ P
I know. It's vast. ~  J
Yes, and you know they don't just keep on swimming, they have to stop to eat...and to mate. ~ M

I have an owie! ~ P
Where? ~ me
On my young toe! My young toe is really hurting! ~ P

You should not have taken my dinosaur, P. When you take something that isn't your's, you should apologize. ~ J
Fine. I'm sorry I took your dinosaur. But I'm not that sorry, because I wanted it. ~ P

It's mommy's birthday, so she gets to be the boss. ~ P
When do I get to be the boss? ~ the husband
Ummm, on your birthday? Or when mommy's not around? ~ P

What kind of animal is this meat? ~ P
It's chicken. You're eating a leg. ~ the husband
Oh. We really did not respect that chicken. ~ P

Mommy, is a stallion a boy or a girl? ~ P
A boy. ~ me
J! You're a stallion! ~ P
Yes. I know I am. ~  J

Where is a sharks territory? ~ J
The ocean? ~ M
But where in the ocean? ~ J
It depends on the shark... ~ M, proceeding to name all. the. sharks. ever. and where they are found.
Never mind! I decided I don't want to know! ~ J

P! You are killing me! ~ J...she likes to sit on him.
Umm, not yet, I'm not! ~ P

These tacos are so good. I'm so full, but I just can't resist them! ~ M

When I grow up, I might make EVERY DAY taco Tuesday! ~ M

...and that is how the life cycle of a seed works. Do you understand? ~ M, after a VERY long explanation.
Ummm, no. I don't understand. But I also don't care. ~ J

You're a turdy! ~ P
What? Why are you calling me that? ~ M
You're late! You're a turdy! ~ P
Tardy is late. I think you are calling me a poop. ~ M
Oh. Well, ok then. ~ P

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Families don't have to match. You don't have to look like someone else to love them. 
~ Leigh Anne Tuohy