Our baby J has two weeks of preschool under his belt now…

We were gearing up for a difficult month, or at the very least, a difficult first few weeks, but our boy has done very well!

Baby J had a difficult Summer… we cut back on a lot of his sensory therapies since he had been doing well, and with all of the changes to schedule, since there isn’t much of a schedule in the Summer, he just kind of lost what little control he had.
Poor boy just could not get a handle on any sort of self control at all…

So, we began again with his sensory activities. We put him to bed a little earlier at night, and helped him to calm down in the evening so that he would be able to sleep. We set up some firm “house rules” for him, so that he would know where the boundaries are, and we tried to avoid letting him get over-stimulated, since he has so much trouble calming himself.

He is still having some difficult days, but, finally, after a very frustrating couple months for both us and for baby J, he is having more good days than bad.

So after having some hard weeks, we are so happy, and very relieved that baby J is doing well at school. And I am so happy that he loves it there… and he is so proud that he “goes to school.” You would think he had a full ride to college, the way he announces it to everyone, haha.

He has loved playing at the playground, doing crafts, and playing with his friends. He loves story time, and writing, and he comes home singing his “preschool” songs, which the rest of us are not allowed to sing, because we are not in preschool, obviously…

I love you, my little preschool boy!

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