We have four or five sensory bins in our house always, because we like to mix it up, and some days you feel like beans, and other days you feel like sand, you know?
We are big fans of sensory bins…sensory play helps with fine and gross motor skills, enhances learning, supports cognitive growth, facilitates exploration, AND it keeps my kids busy during the evening while I cook dinner.

I enjoy doing a seasonal bin each month, and my kids love to see what new bins have in them…

For our Christmas bin I dyed some rice red, and left the rest white…
I added some sparkly confetti trees, little snowman head erasers, spiky balls, wood shapes, little trees, some silicone cups, and a spoon and tweezers. Baby J’s favorite thing to do is bury everything, and then search for it. Tiny P loves to use the tweezers to “organize” the different items into cups.

Little M is getting a bit old, but she will still play with tiny P, and imagine that they are cooking something.
Tiny P usually ends up adding a car or some kind of vehicle to each bin…
Sometimes I will add a little essential oil, just to make everything smell good!

This bin has been played with almost every day…we call that a win!

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