Oh, little M…

You are not so little anymore. I love that you climb right up into my lap to talk, and be close. But truly, you take up the whole lap. I love that you want to be close to me, and I love that you promise oh so sincerely that you will always want to be around me, and that I will never embarrass you. Precious girl…

I love your confidence, in yourself and in what you like and dislike. I hope and pray that you can always hold onto that. As you get older, there will be others who will try to pressure you into doing other things, into believing other things. Little girl, do not be afraid…You are a warrior. You have done so many hard things already, and when more hard things come, I will be next to you, not to shield you or protect you, but to walk right along with you, assuring you every step of the way that we can do hard things.
One day, I know, you will be the strongest of women, and I have no doubt you will change the world.

You are so anxious to grow up, and I am so anxious to keep you little…but still, you are growing up quickly. You want to wear makeup, and every piece of jewelry you own. But it’s your own beauty that shines through, and takes my breath away. You will meet so many people in your life who are pretty…but it’s the beautiful people I want you to notice. People who are concerned with being pretty think about what they look like, but people who are concerned with being beautiful are concerned with what’s inside…their character, their brains, their heart. People are drawn to them, because they shine from the inside out. You remember that kind of beauty, you never forget how it made you feel.

Little M, a woman who is a warrior… a strong, confident woman who is truly beautiful will do amazing, brilliant things. This is what I want for you… and I have no doubt that is who you will be. You will be an amazing, beautiful, warrior woman. You are already an amazing, beautiful, warrior girl…
And I could not be more proud to walk this road with you, watching you, and cheering you on every step of the way.
I love you forever, your momma

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  1. Renate on August 28, 2016 at 12:29 pm

    Such a beautiful smart girl. She is amazing.

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