Our girl has been quite loved (spoiled) this year! She has been opening presents for days, and after having a very hard day over the weekend, we decided to cocoon. We cut back and simplified everything that we could. We spent time just being with our girl, making things simple for her, simple rules, simple expectations, and simply loving on her…
Our girl does not do well with change and overstimulation, and after some plans got cancelled that she was looking forward to, she was near meltdown stage, but then after a good night’s sleep…she pulled herself together.

And I was so proud of her.

We spread gift opening out over a couple days to limit overstimulation, and Christmas day we were prepared for anything. I have talked with other adoptive moms who have said they have even spread Christmas and gifts into January in efforts to help their children cope, and I have wondered if we might have to do that. But little M did incredibly well in the end.

I was moved to tears with her sweetness… every time she was given a new gift to open, she thanked us profusely, and was genuinely grateful for everything she received.
She was excited over mini lego sets, and dress-up dresses…

She danced with joy over notebooks, activity pads, and scotch tape…

She was beyond thrilled with her new kitchen, and has thanked me every day, several times a day, since.

I don’t know what is was that worked…maybe stepping back and simplifying, maybe little M just pulled herself together, maybe something clicked that helped her realize that change was not the end of the world…whatever it was, our girl was spectacular on Christmas, and I am beyond proud of her.

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