It’s a good thing that this girl is so cute. She has tried my patience every which way the past couple weeks. Patience has been tried…
There has been the regular testing. And then she took it to an exciting new level.
Exciting in that it was new and unexpected. Not exciting in that it was not really exciting…
Heather commented on my “testing” post last week that we should not count on this being just a phase. She reminded me that little M is three, and it is her job to test and challenge. Little M has been so easygoing and eager to please that I forget how normal testing is.
It was also pointed out that from an attachment standpoint this could be a good thing…that she is trusting us to let her push and pull, instead of trying to please us all of the time, and knows that we will love her in spite of all of the testing and trying.
So, while I would truly love this to be a very short-lived phase, that may not be the case. And if that is not the case, I need to come up with a better game plan. My response thus far has been to look at her with a dumbfounded look on my face, in shock over whatever behavior just occurred.

I love this little girl so very much, and, even though she is in a season of testing, she is still the most precious little girl I know.

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