Such a good big brother…she said she was tired, so he had helped her lie down and pulled her feet into his lap.

She’s spying on me…

this is how we dress to stay home from school.

When all three have to go to the pediatrician…we just line them up!

Pretty new syringes make me happy.

She loves playing with “that baby in the mirror!”

What game is this? It looks so serious!

The husband got older…

The kids cook breakfast together…

Heart clinic.

A balloon for a LOT of bloodwork.

Sleeping baby…

Little M got older, too! I love her face while the kids at school are singing to her.

With her locker, because “you don’t get to see this everyday, mommy!”

Watching some trees being cut down…

Morning hair. And a zombie baby.

The moment that you discover that helium balloons do not float forever is a sad moment.

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