I could seriously stare at these cheeks all day…

A very full backpack, and a cute little purse…and we’re ready for school.


Playing at the park. It makes me cry to watch her, and I will never take playing at the park for granted.

It’s a tantrum. Because little M said she tiny P couldn’t fit in little M’s bed with her. Hurtful…ha.

SO totally worth it!

Not feeling well.

Back in the hospital. It’s so sad to go for a clinic visit, and get admitted again.

Little masked baby…

She is so brave. And so strong…

Tiny girl in a very big wheelchair.

After a couple bags of blood…

Visits from friends…we love it.

These two…brave heart babies.

Look mommy, I look like sleeping beauty!

So cute, but SO sad…she tries to hide from the lab people because she doesn’t want any more pokes.

This is how we feel about no food ALL day long.

Finally heading down for her heart cath.

Cute sleeping baby…she rocked her cath. Then she got the morphine.

Ready to head home…with ZERO rejection.

Baby in a bath…

He still likes to hold my hand in public…please let it always be so.

She picked her own sunhat…and she wants to wear it always, always and forever.

Baby J’s family day. This is real life, people. Two well-behaved children, and a naked baby on the table. Whatever…

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