Just a cutie in a bath…

Brave baby at the hospital…

She had a new tech doing the EKG leads…she did not approve of how slowly that went, haha.

She wants to watch all of the things that daddy watches.

Not sure about the kitty hat…

Learning our colors…

So proud of his haircut…

Race day…we finally weren’t in the hospital, and we got to run the race for every child.

Visiting friends after getting bloodwork done.

So happy.

This girl…and her outfit choices. Oh my.

The baby with her baby, watching her brother in Tai Kwon Do.

High hair, happy baby.

“Take a picture of P, mommy! She looks like a baby movie star right now!”

Such a proud boy to be walking with his own umbrella.

My men.

First time getting novocain…

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  1. Brianna Wachter on October 26, 2016 at 3:16 pm

    So excited you guys were able to run the Race for Every Child! The first run was the year Addison was born and we have been wanting to run it every year since but have always been out of town that weekend! Hopefully next year it will be a week later. 🙂 One year we ran a 5k on the beach at the same time as the race…not quite the same but it was a fun way to participate.

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