Letters from our boy…

Cute little view to wake up to every morning…

Hard to smile when you’ve shoved a whole dumpling in your mouth. Ha.

Uncles are for photobombing.

Basically, we couldn’t get discharged from physical therapy unless we actually went to a physical therapy appointment. So we went, and the physical therapist agreed that our girl was VERY active and that PT was not going to really benefit her. So…we got discharged, haha.

It kind of weirds me out that she turns her unicorn’s head in the direction she wants to go.

Just reading…about girl power and super heroes, and such things.

She went and got the power drill, and drilled a hole in this giant shell, and made herself a shell necklace.

Early morning blood work makes us feel sassy.

She is the best. Getting echoes is her favorite…

Painting is a super serious business.

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