First haircut. Not ever, obvi. But first haircut with us…

Post haircut. He thought the whole thing was grand.

A little Starbucks treat…

For little M, too.

Happy boy, post nap.

Riding on a toy at Babies r us. Good thing this boy is skinny, so he can fit in that tiny seat with little M.

Lining up his cars…

After putting his baby down for a nap.

Little M’s turtle friends. The things I find around the house crack me up.

A train ride at the mall.

This is the funniest… little M was adamant that she was not tired, and would not nap (she naps very rarely, and usually just has a quiet time), so I told her to play in her room for a little bit, while I put baby J down. When I came back, I found her like this…

I love how she fell asleep on the floor, because she refused to get on the bed.

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