Now that we are settled in, we have been crafting up a storm around here.

I made this quick and easy popsicle stick wreath last week…

I saw something similar on Pinterestwith clothes pins, but I had no clothes pins, and I had a box of one thousand craft sticks. I spray painted them in red, white, and blue, and hot glued them onto a flat wood wreath, then added the stars. All together, it took less than two hours, and I love it!

My babies love them some paint, so we painted us up some patriotic fireworks…

We used pipe cleaners, twisted together, and splayed at the ends.

The kids loved this, and we have MANY firework painted papers.

If there is anything the babies love more than paint, it’s glitter…

I don’t love glitter, but it makes my babies SO happy. Little M chose the gold and red.

Baby J chose the green and blue, and he took the glitter shaking business very seriously…

Tiny P chose pink and blue, and we all talked about how cute her glitter shaking was. Her little arms are not strong at all, and she shook the glitter so gently that it took forever for her to cover the glue with glitter. Adorbs.

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  1. Renate on July 5, 2015 at 1:32 am

    Love love! The pictures are wonderful! You are so creative.

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