We have had all of our kiddos evaluated by our local infants and toddlers program when they have come home, to get them whatever help they needed as soon as we could…
They have all needed different therapies, and we have been very fortunate to have three ladies that we  love help our kids every time…

These ladies are so committed to our babies, and our babies love them, and have made great strides in their development with their help.

We have been waiting to have tiny P evaluated for months, and finally she has been out of the hospital long enough to do it.

We have been so impressed with tiny P’s speech that we were pretty sure she would be our first kiddo not to need speech therapy. And she doesn’t! Tiny P scored 39 months in her expressive language…that’s six months ahead!

Of course she will qualify for OT and PT, as she has some obvious delays that go along with her cardiac issues.

We are not surprised that our sassy girl is ahead in speech, and we are looking forward to seeing her grow the areas she is behind in, working with the therapists who have helped little M and baby J before her.

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