Monday, September 14, 2015

Tiny P's Big Day...

Just last year, in China, we were a family of four. We were trying to calm our nerves, and get our two children into bed so we could all get some rest, because we knew that the next day, we would be a family of five. The next day, we were going to meet our new daughter, our third child. And we had no idea what to expect...we knew she was sick, and we knew that day would be hard for her, but we really had no idea how very hard it would be.

We were excited to meet our little girl, but she had no idea what was about to happen. She went to bed that night, surrounded by the people she loved, and she had no idea that the next day she would be handed off to strangers. We would essentially become kidnappers, and she would go through the most horribly traumatic day you can imagine.

 For little M, family day has evolved into a huge thing, and she plans all year long how we will celebrate her special day. She makes the whole day about her, and she LOVES her day. Baby J enjoys a more low key celebration. He loves to receive gifts, and he enjoys going out to dinner, but anything more tends to stress him out.

Tiny P's day will be different. This was very likely one of the worst days of her life... and even though it was a joyous day for our family, it seems wrong to celebrate.

We have some gifts for tiny P that we bought for her while we were in China, and we will save those for when she is older. Right now, of course, tiny P has no opinions about her family day, but when she is older we will follow her lead and be respectful of the fact that she may not want to celebrate this day. And that will be fine...

Tomorrow is tiny P's family day. The day she became ours, and we became hers.

We will spend it the way we spend every day...

We will spend it loving our girl, and being thankful that tiny P is with us, her family.

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Jo's Corner said...

aww, I remember that day. The sadness on her sweet face. It has been great to follow her growth in your family and see the many changes and the Beauty-Full smiles! Oh, those precious smiles. I will be thinking about you all and will say some prayers for some sweet memories of the 1st Anniversary of becoming a Family of Five.
Hugs to All ~ Jo