Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Phone Dump...

Brave little guy waiting for his flu shot...

"but mommy, I can't be sick! Then I won't be able to be the star student this week!"

Sometimes, you just need to strip down, and put your hat on.

Weekends are perfect for staying in your pajamas, and playing your iPad in an indoor fort.

Duplo creations...

Tiny P gets scared at some point during every kid's show. Thankfully, she has a wonderful big sister to make her a pillow fortress to hide behind.

Fierce. And this may or may not be her Halloween costume.

You wish little M could come do your hair, right? Right??

Sleeping baby. That hair. Bless.

This baby loves her a play kitchen. Even the one at the hospital will do...

playing with some ice, while her last tube feed was running.

This girl is super happy about everything.

This is his "fireman face." Obviously.

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Jonibalony said...

Thank you for making me smile. And at one point, your wonderful hair do, an outright laugh!