Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Family Day...

Precious tiny P,

Just one year ago, you became part of our family...what a year we have had!

You have changed so much...you have grown a little taller, you have learned english at an incredible rate, and you have learned to play. But the biggest change hasn't been how your body has changed or what words you have learned...

You have changed from a terrified, grief-filled, miserable little thing into a confident, loving, affectionate, trusting little girl. You have overcome! And I got a front row seat! I got to watch your amazing transformation up close, and it has been inspiring.

I am not sure I could have done it. I am not sure that I could have gone from such terrible heartbreak to love and joy so quickly. But that's what you've done, and it's just the way you live.

You love, and you live completely. You don't hold back with your feelings, and I love the way you let it all hang out...Whether you are happy or sad, you are. All. In.
You love your brother and sister, and even though every physical thing is hard for you, you still play with as much gusto as you can muster up.

You inspire me, little girl. You have taught me that I can do hard things, and how to LOVE...how to love dangerously. The knowledge that "life is short" is in the front of our minds every day, and I want you to always know that your life has been fought for, not just by us but by people who loved you and fought for you in China. Your life has been prayed over, and your life is treasured.

You are so limited by your fragile, broken little heart, but you have never let your broken heart keep you from enjoying your life. I know you don't understand everything that is happening to you, and I could tell you some big words like single ventricle heart, heterotaxy, and dextrocardia, but for today just know that you are so beautifully unique, and sometimes being unique means that you have to fight a little harder.

You are full of fight, my precious girl...I have never known anyone so sassy and brave. But you don't have to be brave or fight alone, because you have a family who adores you. You have a daddy and a mommy who will fight with you and for you, and a big sister and big brother who will love you fiercely through your fight. You have a family, and you will never have to fight alone again.

We adore you, precious tiny P, and we are so honored to be your family. Happy one year, my love.


Renate said...

Made. Me tear up! She is beyond beautiful. Mo

Musings from Kim K. said...

Continued blessings to your beautiful family! What an amazing journey.