Monday, March 16, 2015


This happened...

Our girl is officially seven today.

We celebrated her this past weekend, 

and as you can see, she chose a little mermaid/under the sea theme.

There were shells and candy

Jello cups and pretty things...

like sea salt chips...

And sea shell pasta.

We had "seaweed" dip,

And pretty cookies.

And of course, lots of sugary treats. Because what party is complete without some sugar crazed kids?

And my girl was happy.

She was beyond excited...

And so I was, too. Because when my girl is happy, so am I.


Renate said...

Happy birthday beautiful sweet girl!

Brad and Lauren Holmes said...

Happy Birthday M, you are beautiful inside and out and very LOVED by so many people, including my whole family!! J, you gave a fabulous party as always. I had so much fun eating sweets to my heart's content! :-)