Friday, August 8, 2014


Gah, what a stressful wait...that wait for that approval letter NEVER gets easier. Our wait for little M's and baby J's letters were much longer, so we are very thankful that tiny P's came more quickly.

So when do we travel???

There are still a few more steps until we get our travel approval...

We have received approval from US immigration, and they will forward their approval to the National Visa Center.

Then the National Visa Center will send us a letter saying that they have received our file from USCIS (immigration). This letter will be forwarded to the US consulate in Guangzhou.

Then the US consulate will issue what's called our article 5, which will be picked up by our agency and sent to Beijing, and delivered to the CCCWA.

And finally, after all of that, our travel approval will be issued!


jessica said...

Yay, what a huge step in the right direction!!! Congrats!

Paula said...

Fantastic! Congrats!

Always wear your tiara said...

Yay, now it won't be much longer. One huge sigh down, a few more to go.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Congratulations! How very very exciting to have another big step to cross off the list!