Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Dino Blast...

Little M decided months ago that she wanted a dinosaur party...and she also decided the color theme months ago...purple, pink, blue, green, and orange. I know. She likes her colors.

Once I got past the initial, slightly jarring surprise that we were in fact having a dinosaur party, I decided we could work it.

This theme turned out to be very fun!

I bought all the dinosaurs in a package, and painted them to match our party colors.

I found these fun dinosaur mugs at oriental trading company, and we filled them with dinosaur tattoos, and little bundles of dinosaur crayons that we had made on Etsy.

It is fortuitous that her birthday falls close to Easter...cadburry creme eggs made for cute pterodactyl eggs!

The frames came from Ikea, and I surrounded them with more dinosaurs.

The juice boxes were very cute with some fun dinosaur stickers.

The dinosaur sticks came from Etsy...

And we had fun coming up with some themed food...

The swamp jelly was little M's favorite, and we found this idea on Pinterest.

The husband made these "brontosaurus burger" sliders...

And we made dinosaur shaped sandwiches for the kids with sandwich cutters we already had.

It all turned out to be so fun, and it was quite cute!

Now, I must gather my strength for whatever theme my girl will come up with for her next party. ha!


dawn said...

You are amazing and I will never stop saying it. When the kiddies are bigger and you have time, a party planning business is in your future.


I think it is fabulous that Little M marches to her own beat. And a very cute beat it is.

Brianna Wachter said...

Gotta love a girl who wants a dino party! :) You are so creative to work in the theme and her girly colors. Everything is just adorable and unique. Plus, I appreciate how the food was themed and not exclusively sweets. Happy Birthday to little M!


Paula said...

I so admire your creativity!!!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What fun party food! It all turned out so well.

Elizabeth Dahl said...

Those are by far the cutest dinosaurs I've ever seen. Actually, I didn't know that dinosaurs could even be cute. :-)

J Willis said...

Oh this has to be the cutest Dino party ever! I love that M loves Dinos and is a fiercely brave spunky girl! ❤️❤️❤️
She sounds amazing! And so are you for all this cute decor mama!