Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Phone Dump...

More of my favorite phone pics!

This is the first time my little guy fell asleep on me...after being home for five weeks! I remember that it took my precious girl about nine months for this...

Little M loves to take an animal with her in the morning to "wait for her to get out of school." It's adorbs.

The grandma got little M this baby ergo, and she carries her little animals all over the house. Now she pretends that they have a cast, just like baby J, ha.

When baby J sleeps on his stomach, his poor little casted foot sticks straight up because of the cast. So pitiful, but it cracks me up.

It took a little while, but little M has finally welcomed baby J to her craft table.

Little M looks so grown up while she is in her line waiting for the bell at school in the morning.

Baby J loves doing puzzles...he's super bad at it, but he loves it.

Little M and I had a date on Saturday for pedicures. She smiled like this the whole time.

She chose green. Oh yes, she did. With sparkles on top.

I love seeing sights like this around the house...

Our boy loves him some corn...when he is done, there is not a kernel left!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Precious pics. Happy Friday!

dawn said...

oh my gosh the cast photo is so cute and sad all at once.

The green polish is awesome, she rocks it. I love her hand!

I laughed out loud at the line about puzzles, and "he is super bad at them> I wasn't expecting that.

fun fun fun.

Unknown said...

Cuz, that is soooo hilarious! That is a batman sticker/ tattoo on m's hand while she is getting her toes done right? I love how she is both a tom boy and a girlie girl!!!