Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Then And Now...

All of these pictures were taken in February...

But the first ones were taken in 2012.

Last year our girl was a small little thing.
She was the shortest kid in her preschool class.
It was relatively easy to carry her around.

She still had a little baby face.
Her arms and legs were stunted a bit from her heart disease.
She was short and round and deliciously squishy!

These pictures were taken in 2013.
The dress is now a tunic/shirt, and the leggings that used to puddle around her ankles are now capris.

She is growing out of her baby face (sad!).
She is quite the communicator now.
She is getting harder and harder to carry around, not just because of her weight (heavy!), but also because of her length.
She is one of the bigger kids at school now.
Her arms and legs are LONG!

She is the sweetest thing, and every little bit of life makes her happy.
I miss my baby girl...but I love my big girl, and I am so proud of the girl she is becoming!


Musings from Kim K. said...

I remember all those things with Josie. It's amazing what happens after heart surgery and how that impacts their overall growth. Darling pics.

dawn said...

Oh my gosh she has grown so so much in a year. WOW.

And cuter and cuter by the day.

Bev said...

Wow, she has grown so much! Great photos to show how much bigger she is now. It's hard to see them growing up so quickly, but yet there is such great joy in each new accomplishment!

Unknown said...

I love seeing you post photos of her in the same clothes for a size comparison. Check out this idea from Pinterest... I think it would be right up your alley.



Paula said...

Wow!!! I can't get over how much Little M has grown in a year - simply amazing! Great idea to take pics of her in the same clothes. It REALLY magnifies the difference. Love it!

Melissa said...

I just love these Then and Now posts using the same clothing. I never thought to do that, but it really does show her growth!