Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Heard around our house this week...

I am such a great dancer, I have a real talent for dancing!
My body is telling me I need candy. I need to listen to my body.
Can I help my brother with coloring inside the lines?
Will you put ruffles in my hair?  (ruffles are curls)
Oh, this is troubling me!  (about anything she has trouble with)
I think I need some water so I can grow like a flower.

Mommy, my kitty has poopoo, can I get a wet wipe?  (at 6:00 in. the. morning.)
Owl socks! That's just what I need!  At Target
I wish it was warm outside. I just want to have naked legs!

I have to go potty! Will you come talk to me?  ha!
This is a holiday? A holiday with no presents? About President's day
I think I had a night dream  (a nightmare?)
If you put ruffles in my hair, I will be happy!

I have a LOT of toys!
I think my brother's favorite color will be pink!
Mommy, why don't you go upstairs and clean, so me and daddy can play...
Come on moose! Let's go do some decorating!


Janice Willis said...

Oh my ;) I'm not sure how she could be any cuter!!!
(I need to listen to my body ;-)

Kim K. said...

Precious sayings.

Brianna Wachter said...

Haha...she is so. darn. cute :)

Renate said...

LoL She is something!


Renate said...

LoL She is something!