Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Heard around our house this week...

I am such a great dancer, I have a real talent for dancing!
My body is telling me I need candy. I need to listen to my body.
Can I help my brother with coloring inside the lines?
Will you put ruffles in my hair?  (ruffles are curls)
Oh, this is troubling me!  (about anything she has trouble with)
I think I need some water so I can grow like a flower.

Mommy, my kitty has poopoo, can I get a wet wipe?  (at 6:00 in. the. morning.)
Owl socks! That's just what I need!  At Target
I wish it was warm outside. I just want to have naked legs!

I have to go potty! Will you come talk to me?  ha!
This is a holiday? A holiday with no presents? About President's day
I think I had a night dream  (a nightmare?)
If you put ruffles in my hair, I will be happy!

I have a LOT of toys!
I think my brother's favorite color will be pink!
Mommy, why don't you go upstairs and clean, so me and daddy can play...
Come on moose! Let's go do some decorating!


J Willis said...

Oh my ;) I'm not sure how she could be any cuter!!!
(I need to listen to my body ;-)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Precious sayings.

Brianna Wachter said...

Haha...she is so. darn. cute :)

Renate said...

LoL She is something!


Renate said...

LoL She is something!