Thursday, February 28, 2013

29 Months...

Today is momentous.
In the adoption world today has special meaning...
"They" say that children who are adopted cannot be fully adjusted to their adoptive families until they have been with their families for as long as they were not...

For us, that day is today.
On August 28, 2010, our girl flew home with us, her family, from China.

For twenty-nine months little M lived in China.
For twenty-nine months little M was without a family.
For twenty-nine months she lived in an orphanage with hundreds of other kids, and some wonderful nannies, but with no mommy and no daddy.

Today little M has been with us for twenty-nine months.
Today little M has had a family for as long as she was without a family.
Today we have had a daughter for twenty-nine months. 

This means that from this point on, little M will always have been with us longer than she hasn't.
There is something about that that just feels special and amazing, and so right.

We can't imagine our lives without this sweet, precious girl we call our daughter.


Bev said...

Wonderful! Have fun celebrating this special day. Is Little M wearing the dress that she wore the day you met her... now as a shirt? Super cute!

Robin said...

Oh happy day!

Kat said...

So special! Allen always counts the kids nine month mark as a special day because, of course, that's when they are on the "outside" as long as they were on the "inside"... give or take.

Congratulations to all of you.


Jessie said...

A special day indeed! ~Nancy

michelle said...

Yes, in deed, time to celebrate such a special milestone in your family!!!

Jen said...

Love it! Happy 29 months! So excited to celebrate do much with you this week!!

dawn said...

Not only is an important day in the life of the child, it's a huge day in the life of the mummy too. I remember this day with both of my girls as it was so special to me.

Happy 29 months.