Monday, October 8, 2012


Little M: Mommy, what is it when you have a guitar, and drums, and a piano?
Me: Do you mean a band?
Little M: Yes. I think I need a band.

Little M (running through the house to the bathroom): I'm listening to my body, I'm listening to my body, I'm listening to my body...
Me: good job listening to your body!
Little M: my body says to GO POTTY! So I am listening!

Little M: I have a pink Easter basket!
Me: yes, that's true. (not sure where this came from)
Little M: I'm a little nervous about daddy not having an Easter basket...
Me: Don't worry, daddy has an Easter basket. It is put away for now.
Little M: I'm not really sure...we better go check on that. (umm, ok, little weirdo)

Little M: I don't really like boys...
Me: boys?
Little M: No. If I did like a boy, I would like Christian, because he's my best friend.
Me: I see. (but I really don't)

Little M: Ms. Weaver is six!
Me: Um, I think she is older than you know how old Ms. Weaver is? (I don't)
Little M: No mommy! Six! She is SIX! She couldn't come to school, she has to go to the doctor!
Me: Ooooh, Ms. Weaver is sick?
Little M: Yes. Sicks. Poor little Ms. Weaver...

The husband: I made a mess!
Little M: It's ok, daddy, don't be sad. We'll just clean it up. Don't worry...

This weekend at a farm:
Little M: That is a big cow...
The husband: Are you going to milk it? It's all ready.
Little M: No thank you, I do not care for it.
The husband: Ok, are you sure?
Little M: I think you can milk it.
The husband: Um, do you think mommy should milk it?
Little M: No, I just want you to do it, and I will watch.

And later...
Little M: I didn't milk a cow.
Me: I know, you decided not to, remember?
Little M: Only daddy can milk it.
Me: Are you sad you didn't try it?
Little M: Tiny, tiny girl can't milk big, big cow, mommy. That's what happened.

And that is how the husband came to milk a cow. Ha.


Melissa said...

Her little conversations are so cute. I love this age!

Ruthie said...

So cute! Conversations with little ones are the best. :)

Paula said...

What fun! With an almost 21 month old, who is picking up new words by the day, I can imagine what my future holds. Thanks for sharing. What a treat!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such sweet conversations.

Anonymous said...

So many comments......
1) PLEASE tell me you have pictures and/or a video of the husband milking the cow!!!
2) Could you have died when he suggested maybe you could milk the cow?
3). Lee would like to add that he lived on a dairy farm when he was young and managed to never milk a cow!!!