Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes I Forget...

Sometimes I forget that little M hasn't been with us all of her life.

Sometimes I forget that I haven't always been her Mommy.

Sometimes I forget that she has had so much trauma in her short life.

Sometimes I forget that the needs she had were not always met for a very long time.

Sometimes I forget what that can do to a person, especially to a child.

Sometimes I forget that she needs me more, much more, than if she had been with us all of her life.

Sometimes I forget that her needs are different, and more, than other kids her age.

Sometimes I forget that she can't always hear me.

Sometimes I forget that she has been with us for a very short time, compared to how long she was without us.

Sometimes I forget that even though she's four years old, she's not...not really.

Sometimes I forget, and think she can handle more than she really can.

Sometimes I forget that even though she looks happy, she really might be in panic mode.

Sometimes I forget that what looks like a tantrum can really be so much more.

Sometimes I forget that we are different kinds of parents than our friends.

Sometimes I forget to take time for myself, to take care of myself.

Sometimes I forget that the doctor's visits and medical issues would be stressful to an adult...and must be traumatic to a four year old.

Sometimes, I forget where she came from.

Katie posted on her blog a couple weeks ago a quote from speaker Amy Monroe, and it has stuck with me ever since. The speaker said "there is no expiration date on compassion...if you find yourself lacking compassion for your child, then you have probably forgotten where they came from."

Sometimes, I forget.


ZoeB said...

Something to remember...Children are innately selfish. That's OK. They need us for everything. We knew that before they were born, but sometimes we do forget.

Miss M is probably just now going through the "Terrible Twos". When she gets past this phase THEN YOU CAN FORGET !!!!!! THEN she will have learned that she is part of a bigger universe. THEN mommy and daddy will be the center of her universe. UNTIL she becomes a teenager. THEN pray..........

Kat said...

M is so blessed to have parents like you who love her... even if you sometimes forget... which, by the way, we all do from time to time.

Kelsey said...

A powerful post, sweet friend. The Enemy wants us to forget. He's brilliant at invoking spiritual amnesia. These moments with Lil' M are precious. She has purpose and joy because of God's plan of placing you in her life.