Friday, March 23, 2012


Little M is very caught up in the fact that people, animals, and even toys have names...

If something does not already have a name, she will pick one for it.
Our car's name is Lillis (or "Lillith" when little M says it).
The other day we walked past a gray car in a parking lot, and she said, "that's just like our Lillis!" So presh.

Her stuffed frog's name is Oswaldo. No, I don't know where she heard that name, or how she came up with it, but she thought for a very long time before deciding that Oswaldo was appropriate.

We take a lot of walks on a wooded trail by our house, and every time we see an animal, little M wants to know what the animals name is. Since I usually don't know, she makes one up.

There was a little squirrel in the woods this day, and his name was "Shippy." Shippy was also very funny, as you can see.

Little M was cracking up over the squirrels antics, and for the rest of the day she talked about that "funny Shippy."

I do love this beautiful little weirdo!


Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said...

I love all of your great photos of your daughter.. such a beautiful and obviously happy little girl.

jessica said...

What an absolutely adorable outfit little M has on! Cute story too :)

J Willis said...

Your sweet girl is so breathtaking !
I love cking out your blog and all the joy your family shares!!!
Blessings !