Friday, August 12, 2011

The Kitty

Little M has a special love. It's name is kitty. Kitty is one of the family, one of little M's friends, and he (or she?) goes with us everywhere. Little M and kitty have serious talks, and they have times that are fun and laughter filled. If I don't want kitty in a photo, I usually have to crop him out!

Kitty goes to the store and the park, and gets buckled into the grocery cart with little M.

She sleeps with kitty, and carts him all over the house with her.

She reads books with kitty, and tells him stories.

She makes him "obey" her, and tells him to "sit still."

She's quite the bossy pants, our little M is.

If she is sad, then kitty is sad; if she is happy, the kitty is also happy.

If love makes something "real," then kitty is as real as can be.


Musings from Kim K. said...

So sweet. We have a pink monkey (bo bo) that travels everywhere. He was almost left behind in several hotels this past week. Yikes.

shelley said...

She is so sweet. Kitty is one lucky animal.

Beth said...

so cute!!! If you don't already have a backup kitty, go get one!!! We lost Brady's "Mr. Bear" at Ikea and it was touchy for a few days...probably harder on me than him, but still!! Luckily we got him another bear who he decided to embrace (subsequent Mr. Bears never measured up) and now "Red" goes EVERYWHERE with us and right now his clothes make him look like a very dirty bear!!! LOL