Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Zoo

We went to the zoo last week for the first time. We went on the hottest day EVER, which was unfortunate, but little M was undaunted and trekked all over.

We went with some of little M's favorite people in the world. They trekked all over with us on the hottest day ever.

Little M has been talking about the tigers, and the elephants, and the birds, and fish ever since.

You might be thinking that little M looks quite sweaty...Well, she was.

Her favorite animal? Still the turtle.

Big and small, all turtles have a place in little M's heart.

And why not? This is the face a turtle makes. Who wouldn't love that?

There were cool water misters at intervals throughout the park, and they made our little M so very, very happy.

Very happy...

She was, however, disappointed to learn that the beautiful butterfly that is so fun to look at in books... is just a giant bug in real life.

Aside from the giant bugs, the zoo was a success!

I am sure we will go many more times. Maybe when it is not the hottest day ever.


Beth said...

glad you had fun!! Maybe we can meet there sometime!!

amy said...

Tallulah used to make that same "turtle face" when she was younger! As a matter of fact, we were just talking about the turtle face the other day!

Anonymous said...

Has Mackenzie seen "Finding Nemo"? She'd LOVE the turtles in that movie! :-)

Terry said...

Love all the pictures - her expressions are absolutely beautiful!!!! Glad you have fun at the zoo! No matter how many times you go, there is always something fun to see!! :)

Jen said...

Hi, I'm just stopping over from Kelly's Korner. My son was also born with TOF and has a hearing loss! He wears hearing aids and took 2 years of speech therapy. He is four and a half now and doing great (after three open heart surgeries). Mackenzie is so adorable! What a beautiful smile! I read back through some of your posts- what an amazing story and amazing little girl. Such a blessing.