Sunday, April 3, 2011

What's A Wack?

A couple days ago, after Mackenzie ate her standard morning bowl of cereal, she clearly wanted something else. I had no clue what she wanted because she kept saying "wack," "wack," over and over. I tried to figure out what she wanted, and none of the words I said were what she wanted. I said "walk?" And she said "walk?" while making a disgusted face at me. "Wack!"
I finally distracted her with juice and all was well.

But this morning, after her cereal, she started saying "wack" again. I finally asked her to "show me," and took her into the kitchen. "Thow?" she asked. "Show mama the wack," I said.

The mystery has been solved. "Wack" is actually snack. She wanted a granola bar.

And... because I simply can't resist: Snack is Wack. That is all.


Bev said...

Yay for figuring it out! I always feel so sad when Jenna tries so hard and patiently to communicate something to us and we can't understand... it must be so frustrating for them! We often ask her to show us too... thankfully that saves us most of the time!

Grace said...

adorable! and hilarious :) she is one smart cookie. ;)

Beth said...

so cute.....the story and the pictures!!

Cheryl said...