Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Mom...

We went to the pediatrician today. I totally felt like a mom.

Who would have thought that a pediatrician visit could make my day?

I liked it.

And yes, little M did great. Of course.


Grace said...

question: are you going to a pediatrician that has a background in international adoption? this is something i've been contemplating...we love our family doctor, but she doesn't have other patients that are internationally adopted. i wondering if i should find a pediatrician that is or go to an adoption specialist, or what...any thoughts? i think if you reply to my comment, it should come to my email. i'd appreciate any thoughts!

Beth said...

Joanna, I felt the same way the first time I took Brady to the doctor!!!

I think M has some experience in modeling b/c EVERY picture is just ADORABLE!!!