Thursday, September 16, 2010


To being three years old!
Today is little M's half birthday. And even though she had to spend a good part of it with the geneticist, we didn't let that stop us from celebrating!
Little M had her first Krispy Kreme doughnut (and ate the whole thing)

And what is a half birthday without a present? (Note to self: Little M would have been completely satisfied with a box wrapped in flower paper...)

What is there to say? The girl loves her cars.

And I love her smile. That's all.


Jen said...

Happy Half-Birthday, Mackenzie! You are truly a delight!


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is such a star, her smile is beyond beautiful!

Happy Half-Birthday Mackenzie!!!

Beth said...

I'm with Debs!! Her smile is just infectious!!!! I love that she loves cars too....Emily is also a big fan of them.

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!