Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mackenzie Day 7

The Internet access is a little sparse right now, so blog posts are lagging behind! We didn't bring our laptop with us, only the I-pad, and there is no wi-fi in our room, so I will be playing some catch up.
We are in Guangzhou right now, which is where all US families have to go before they go back to the states.
Mackenzie did awesome on the flight here, which helped to allay some of our concerns about the flight home. We love the hotel here, and are especially enjoying meeting other families whose blogs we have been following! At breakfast there were about 30 other adoptive families this morning! How fun to spend time with other families like us!
Yesterday Mackenzie had her medical checkup, and she did amazing! She never cried, and when the doctor took the stethoscope away after checking her heart, she pointed at her chest for her to do it again.

Photo 11 - 2010-08-21

Photo 9 - 2010-08-21

She didn't cry during her TB test, but she did have a dirty look for the doctor...

Photo 8 - 2010-08-21

The is a huge Koi fish pond in our hotel, and I think Mackenzie would spend her entire day there if she could. She loves anything to do with water!

Photo 5 - 2010-08-21

Photo 7 - 2010-08-21

Even though Internet access has been limited, and I haven't actually seen my blog (this VPN thing is tricky) we have been getting all of your sweet comments. Thanks so much for all of your love, encouragement, and prayers! Trust me, we are feeling and appreciating every one!


Proud Mama and Papa said...

What a trooper! Guangzhou is great but the bittersweet part (at least for us) was when it came time to leave China and head home. Enjoy your last few days...I love reading the blog everyday!

Anonymous said...

Oh goodie your back we've been dying for more Mackenzie pics and news!

Can't believe how good she was at the medical exam, there was a LOT of screaming when we were there ;)

Again with the fabulous outfit, Mackenzie is hands down the best dressed baby in China, and in the U.S oh heck in the whole world!

Glad your having such a great trip and it is so lovely that you are getting to meet with some other blogging families!

Me said...

Wow, awesome! If I wasn't a regular follower, and didn't know you had JUST met Mackenzie a week ago, based on your photos, I would think you had been a family for a long time now. You look so comfortable, and so does she. That's amazing! It's so great how you now know her so well, like that she loves water, and is generally friendly and pleasant with others. I can see you are already a fantastic mother. Mackenzie is a lucky little girl to have such a great family.


michelle said...

I can't wait for more pictures of Mackenzie. She is truly adorable and I love her little outfits.

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Robin said...

She looks soooo comfortable in your arms and you look like a natural with her. Happy to hear the dr appointments went well.