Friday, August 20, 2010

Mackenzie Day 5

Today is a travel day, so today's post will be light on words. You're welcome.
We went shopping in the Muslim quarter yesterday, and got some fun trinkets, and everywhere we went little M drew people to her like bees to honey. They would touch her, and tell her she was lucky, and many shop owners would give her a little trinket, for luck and prosperity. It was sweet, but sometimes a little unnerving, as well, to have a crowd all in your space trying to touch your baby and hold her.

Little M was very curious about all the packing going on:
Photo 2 - 2010-08-19

Photo 3 - 2010-08-19

We went to a dumpling banquet for dinner, and she LOVED her some onions!
Eating marinated onions. She likes veggies

While we were looking for something to cut the dumpling up, she helped herself to the whole thing!
She stuffed a whole dumpling in while we were distracted


Proud Mama and Papa said...

Each day's post brings me back to our trip to China....M is such a doll and I love her with the dumplings!!

Have a safe trip to Guangzhou - its beautiful there. The weather was great while we were there in may be super hot for you this time of year.

Beth said...

LOVE the dumpling picture!!!

safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Love a good eater!!!

Another gorgeous outfit for Mis Mackenzie, just love your taste in children's clothes!

Grace said...

oh, gosh, i LOVE the ones of her eating, especially the one with the dumpling stuffed in her mouth! too cute!
safe travels to you!

michelle said...

That dumpling picture reminds me of my daughter. She will stuff food in her mouth like there's no tomorrow. I agree that Little M has such cute clothes. Gotta share where you got them! Enjoy the next leg of your journey.

Kat said...

Love that last picture!

Jen said...

Though John and I are these days (1 wk till the move!) running around like chickens with our heads cut off (seen any of those in Chinese markets? *grin*), I'm hanging on your every word -- thank you for the frequent updates! I cannot WAIT to meet that scrumptious little girl and get my hands all over her too, just like the other strangers! Tell her to get used to it because I'm going to shower her with love!! :-)

Love you guys!

Stacey said...

That picture with the dumpling is so cute! Thanks for sharing all the pictures- It makes one feel involved and able to share the experience with you. Be safe...