Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mackenzie Day 13

Our last day in Guangzhou! We tried to keep it quiet and low key...did a little shopping, playing, and packing.

Mackenzie cleaned while we packed.

Those "do not disturb" signs always need a good cleaning!


Proud Mama and Papa said...

So cute!

Have a safe trip back - just remember, it is so much easier at home when you have all the comforts - washing machine, dishwasher, kitchen, SPACE.

Anonymous said...

She's Housekeepings dream come true!

And of course yours too, though for reasons other than her cleaning skills! Safe travels home!

Kat said...

How excited you must be to be coming home with your new daughter! Prayers for a safe trip and a calm baby for the long journey. Bring lots of baby wipes and I am sure she can be kept busy with all those tray tables ☺


MellyJ said...

Have a safe and peaceful trip home!!!