Friday, June 18, 2010

Re-making and Re-using

I had a bundle of sticks that I bought it January with the sole intention of using them for a baby shower as this onesie tree:

I used it again in April to hang Easter decorations:

Now, that bundle of sticks has become my star!

I made it thinking I would use it in my Christmas decor, but it works well and becomes patriotic with some little blue and red stars scattered on it!


Stacey said...

What a cute star - The red and blue accents do make it look seasonal. Speaking of Patriotic, you'll have to drive by the window and see the 4th of July display. I found an interior designer to help me with it. I think you'll like it!

Mama D said...

I don't think I've left a comment before, but I am a follower and I really enjoy your blog :)
I love finding crafty stuff online and you have some really cool stuff!
So anyways, I have an award for you on my blog!