Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pull Up A Chair!

We figure that since Mackenzie isn't a baby, we really don't need a cumbersome highchair, so we thought we would go with a booster seat. However, we have light, cloth covered, parson's chairs in our dining room...not really conducive to a food wielding toddler. So, I decided that what Mackenzie needed was a chair of her own. A sturdy wooden chair to hold her booster seat.
Ikea has these simple unfinished wood chairs:

Sturdy...check. Wooden... check. Boring...double check. This plain little thing needed help, so I went through my paint, and found a chocolate and red that turned out to be perfect. Plus, I just needed to paint something; my soul said it was time.
Mackenzie's new chair:

It has her name on the top rung on the front and the back:

And the dots are there to spice it up a bit, even though you won't see them on the seat while the booster is there...but the booster won't be there forever!


Faith said...

omg, how creative is that! it looks amazing! she is going to LOVE that chair! :)

Jen said...

Adorable! I want it! :-) And congrats on your letter of approval. We are rejoicing with you! xxxooo

Samba said...

I stumbled across you blog and just wanted to stop and congratulate you on your penidng adoption. Our daughter was just under three when we brought her home and boy was I shocked how much baby proofing and toddler proofing I needed to do. I was suprized how she explored her new world of our home just like my other children did when they were one. You will be blessed with many many first. Enjoy every moment as they fly by like the wind. samba in sac