Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Story

It all started a few weeks ago...well, actually, the seed was planted last summer.
We were growing discouraged with the ever-increasing wait times for our Taiwan adoption. You might recall that we began our Taiwan adoption on account of the wait times for our China adoption? Yes, I recall that, too. Oh, the irony! Well, they say if you want to make God laugh, then tell Him your plans. God's perfect plan all along was for our China adoption to be completed first. About six months ago, we made the decision to switch our China adoption to special needs. We had talked about it for a year, and decided that, yes, that was the way we should go. We switched agencies a couple moths ago, and were switched to special needs then. At this time we still felt like our Taiwan adoption would come first, and then we would proceed with China.
however, a couple of weeks ago, we had a conference call with our case worker, and several others, and they confirmed what we had suspected. The wait for our Taiwan adoption would be delayed 6-8 months more. They felt it in our best interest to move ahead with our China adoption. We talked it over, and realized that we were both ok with that! So we decided to move ahead. Things happened very quickly at that point, and a few days later, we saw our daughter's face for the first time. I felt drawn to her right away, like it was meant to be. I sent her file on to Josh, and the next day we found out that she was ours if we were interested. We were! On Monday night we called our case worker, and accepted the referral. Now we wait for China's approval! We are hoping to travel in late July.
Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and support!


Debberoo said...

Many congratulations, the twists and turns in adoption are so unpredictable but they seem to always bring us to the place we are meant to be.

Research-China.Org said...

Congratulations on your referral!! When you are ready to get your child's newspaper finding ad (which has a photo months younger than their referral photo!) come visit. We also have lots of information on various orphanages, including DVDs, photos, etc.

All the best for a speedy trip!!


Jen said...

Wow, it certainly seems like God knew what He was doing all along --how about that! Thank you for posting the story and we look forward to meeting Mackenzie this summer!! :-)

Katie said...

It has made my week that your adoption wishes are coming true. I love to see families coming together in unexpected ways! and I really think someday you will also have a son or daughter from Taiwan!

Robin said...

Yippee! Congratulations Mamma! I am so happy to see your family growing.

Lisa said...

I follow your blog... and am so excited tha you have decided on this path.. My good friend (whose child you may have seen many times on mine (MIA)) had heart defect too and is doing so beautifully. It will all work out. Then Taiwan will open up again and you will have another beautiful child. I can not wait to see your daughter's face.

Its So Very Cheri said...

I had to go all the way back and read up on everything.


Unknown said...

Wonderful news--she looks like a real doll. Our daughter was from Baoji, a couple hours away from Xi'an. Sounds like your daughter is actually in Xi'an. We have a friend getting her daughter from an orphanage in Xi'an in May. If you go to my blog, click on "Angie"'s blog from my blogroll to see her. Maybe they are in the same place!