Thursday, October 8, 2009

What's in a Name?

Grown in my heart is having a "carnival", so we are talking about names today. I am excited to hear about how other adoptive families chose names for their children!
As of yet we have no name for our child-to-be. First, we have had a hard time picking and choosing just the right one, and agreeing on names we both like. We want this name to be a very special one. We have waited so long for our daughter, and feel that she is so precious and special, and so, naturally, her name should reflect that.
Yet, since she will be adopted, she might feel like attention is always on her already because of that, and we don't want to add to that with too unusual a name. I want it to be a strong name, for a strong, independent girl, who, in my dreams, will grow into a strong, independent woman.
We have narrowed down our name list, and maybe when we see her picture we will just know who she is. Maybe it will take much longer.
We also know that our daughter will come with a name. She will have a name that may have been given to her by her birth family, and we want to honor and celebrate that name, as well, so we will be incorporating that somehow.
We can't wait to get that phone call and see her little face, and talk about who she is going to be! We just know that we already love a little nameless girl so much we can't stand it!


Pickel said...

We didn't name either of our boys until we learned of them...just be patient and it will come.

Mama King said...

I wish you all the best! Waiting is difficult (I am an adoptee and mother of an adoptee.) I can feel your excitement. Good luck!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Wishing you peace during this time of waiting! (We are in the DC area, too.)

Mommy Words said...

I have been on the names kick recently too! Congrats on expecting a girl soon! How very wonderful. I actually found you through an old DIY day and then read through stuff. What an exciting journey! My post today was about naming the baby girl we are expecting in January and a few weeks ago I started the name game meme and sent it around! Wish I had known your blog then! I am following from and I am a fellow SITSA! Can't wait to hear more news!

The Royal Family said...

So exciting! I can't wait to hear more!!!

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The buzz,

Jennifer Juniper said...

I loved going through all the name books, but I never used any of those names. My first son's name I'd had picked out since I was 16 years old and we picked our other two names because they were kind of in that vein. Boyish, masculine, classic.

The Royal Family said...

thanks for entering goodluck! I have ladybug ribbon waiting to be used!!! :))

Anonymous said...

My husband and I both like the name "Flynn" for a boy or a girl. :)

Its So Very Cheri said...

I am sure you will know when you see her, pick something you both love and it will fit her perfectly.


Alyson and Ford said...

We selected a name the very month we applied to be accepted by our agency. Then when we realized we wouldlike twins, we selected a second name. We love our daughter's name as we wrote down all our Mothers, Grandmother's, Auns, Sister's... all the women in our family back three generations. From there we took my Great-Grandmother's name and built on that.
Looking back, I do wish we had added in one part of AA's Chinese name. We will tell her all about her name when she is older and she can change her middle name if she wishes.
Have fun coming up with names!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for One Year