Thursday, September 3, 2009

Some Fall Pumpkins

Yes, it's more clay. Hello~remember this post? Ten pounds of clay, people! That's really so much more than a normal person might ever need in their lifetime. Thanks to Megan for talking me into ten pounds of the clay, which, ironically, cost less than five pounds, probably because they know no one will ever use ten pounds, and it will dry up.
Without those ten pounds there would never have been these adorable wonderful pumpkins. I love them! I want it to be fall forever, so I can always have these pumpkins out. No! I take it back! I want it to be Christmas! Ack! It's too hard, I can't choose! They might just have to be Christmas pumpkins


Beth said...

LOVE them!!!

Michele said...

They're adorable...I need to know how you made them...pretty please!!!


Anonymous said...

OH! I WANT them :0)! Fall decor is simply "divine"!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous! I want some.... Hey! Maybe that's the way to use up the 10 lbs of clay... make and sell more pumpkins to those of us who are time-challenged and prefer to buy cute little things!!!

michelle@somedaycrafts said...

clay! I didn't look for any clay pumpkins. How cute! If I had those, I would want it to be fall forever too! Thanks for linking up.