Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just Like New!

Do you love my new table? Ha! Fooled ya! It's not new! It's one of those tv tray table sets. It comes on a little stand that holds all four, you know the kind. Well, they are boring, drab, and, if we're being honest, a little on the ugly side. 

But look! What magic a little bit of spray paint, and some stenciling will make. It was my first time EVER stenciling! Now I find myself walking around the house looking for things to stencil. This has totally rocked my world, it may be a changing point in my life.


Lorie said...

Very cute!!

I would love to feature one of your projects on my blog. Email me your favorite!!

David LoPan said...

Most impressive, Nana.

Beth said...

NICE JOB!!!! I LOVE it!!!