Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Half Birthday!

Today was my half-birthday, and one of my best friends and my goddaughter took me shopping, and spent the day with me! My friend's half birthday is tomorrow (Happy half birthday, Katie!), and we had a great time. And we got free cupcakes at cake love! They always give free cupcakes for birthdays, but we managed to talk the cupcake man into half birthday cupcakes. Yay!


Jen said...

I recognize that goddaughter! I just saw her with stitches in her lip. Poor baby. (Call Katie if you haven't heard about their adventure this morning.)

Happy half birthday, Joanna!

Katie said...

This was the absolute best day!!!! In fact I went back to Tyson's today and Sofia kept saying, "Where Nanna?" She was so sad you weren't with us, and so was I!